Nestle CoolPro

Introducing Nestlé’s COOLPRO™ dispense solution

Millennials and young families have driven many changes within the beverage sector, particularly in the consumption of cold beverages.

In fact, 2 out of 3 drinks sold in Australian foodservice are now cold beverages, highlighting the increased interest and supply. Operators are becoming aware and are investing in solutions to cater to this demand. 

Designing the perfect beverage menu is challenging. Today’s consumers demand great tasting and healthier products that are delivered conveniently without compromising quality.

Operators need a system that is easy-to-use and fits seamlessly with their business needs.

What makes CoolPro™ so different from other solutions?

Designed as a hygienic closed-system dispenser, CoolPro™ removes the need for constant machine maintenance and product cleaning, both due to its internal bag-in-box set up and the 14 days open shelf life of the products.

Its clever and simple to use system also allows doses to be pre-set so manual preparation is no longer required. In fact, drinks will be dispensed consistently chilled below 7oC, at the touch of a button.

Equipped with an intuitive touchscreen display, minimal staff training is required to start serving our range of great tasting drinks, which drive more time back into your daily business operations.

In addition, CoolPro™ can also help you drive better profits to your beverage menu in other ways:

  1. Its bag-in-box set up ensures all products are used up allowing it to minimise wastage while reducing costs.
  2. A compact benchtop design means that you can sell the same amount of drinks an average fridge can hold, with 4x less storage space needed compared to bottled alternatives *than equivalent in bottles, internal NESTLÉ comparison 2013
  3. Unlike bottled alternatives, served drinks have no retail equivalent. This means you can set your own menu prices and control your margin to make your drinks menu work for you.

Easily installed in a range of locations and perfectly suited to a commercial foodservice environment, CoolPro™ was designed to be the perfect beverage partner to provide a refreshingly better beverage experience to you and your customers.

Check out our video case study [LM1] with Wyong Rugby Leagues as they explain how CoolPro has benefited their operations and improved customer experience.

Drive a point of difference with your drinks menu

With consumers demanding healthier alternatives to carbonated soft drinks, let our brands show you that taste does not have to be compromised for healthiness.

From system and design to operations and profitability, CoolPro™ also allows you to tap into our range of great products such as Nescafé Ice, Nestea Peach and Sjora Mango and Peach flavoured juice mix.

In fact, our drinks form bases to great drinks and empower you to drive further innovation in your drinks menu – an additional avenue to apply the product!  

With more people staying indoors, now is a great time to experiment with menu promotions and combo meals as the takeaway and delivery scene becomes a hotter platform for trade.

Those truly versatile products can be used to amplify your personal and brand personality. So get your creative juices flowing and start experimenting on recipe possibilities, ranging from a SJORA Mango and Peach flavoured mule to a NESTEA Peach flavoured spider drink or to a simple NESCAFÉ Cinnamon Honey Ice Latte, to name a few.

For more inspiration, check out our suite of recipes here and feel free to add your own twists to them!

With summer approaching, what better time to spice up your cold beverages menu?

Good luck and happy creating!

For information on our latest CoolPro™ offers, please visit our website and register your interest for a trial with us. Thank you!