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Meet the founders and the wonderful team that is Cafe Culture

Welcome to Cafe Culture Digital!

Bringing you the latest news as it happens – when it happens.

This platform aims to provide a ‘one-stop-shop’ for all your coffee and cafe news.

Providing a broad reach to the industry and offering an instantaneous communication channel, with an exciting, accessible format that taps into our existing social and digital media platforms.
Harnessing and reporting the love of all things café and coffee, through our global news and communications on technology, roasting techniques, current food trends, recipe, leading chefs and artistic entrepreneurial people. Leading the way in this trending space!
Meet the team below…

Sean Edwards

Managing Director

Sean has been involved in the Australian café industry for over 20 years. Originally owning several regional café businesses he became passionate about the growth of the world coffee and Australian cafe industries.

Kristine Edwards

Accounts Manager

Kristine has excellent coffee knowledge and understands fully the running of a medium size coffee business. She is passionate about people and her business acumen is based around high quality customer service.

Tilly Edwards

Social Media & Events Manager

On top of driving awareness for Cafe Culture through social media engagement, Tilly is skilled in a variety of job roles across the company, allowing her to support her team with panache.

Kathryn Kraska

Subscriptions and Copy editor

Kathryn initially joined the Café Culture team in 2013 to assist with office duties relating to Golden Bean, our premier coffee-roasting event. She has since taken on the role of Subscriptions Manager and Copy Editor extraordinaire.

Rob Marlowe

Sales Manager

Rob is our token Englishman. He brings to us his recent experience working in the alternative milk industry for Freedom Foods and foodservice provider’s Bidfood & PFD. Back in Europe he honed his marketing skills working for Nespresso, in Belgium, at the inception of the Pod Coffee phenomenon. Rob prides himself in his hard work ethic, sometimes audacious, but always-authentic sales strategy.

Jeremy Wall

Field Work & Sales

Through his role with Café Culture, Jeremy aims to utilize his broad knowledge and experience and work alongside businesses who are developing creative solutions to tackle the challenges today’s industry faces.

Boni Lornie

Graphic Designer

With a passion for all things art and design, Boni thrives on exploring and finding the right solutions to meet peoples individual creative and promotional needs.

Abbey Hannan

Graphic Designer

Abbey is a passionate and creative graphic designer who is self-motivated, self-sufficient and enjoys bringing stories to life through her work and designs. She has experience in commercial photography and illustration and enjoys communicating ideas that inspire, inform, or captivate consumers.

Cafe Culture Digital provide all the latest coffee and cafe news from Australia and around the world

Cafe Culture Digital provide all the latest coffee and cafe news from Australia and around the world