Jodie Chan
Overall winner Jodie Chan

Recently Café Culture International and Alternative Dairy Co took part in organising a Virtual Latte Art Competition using the Alternative Dairy Co Oat Milk.

The Alternative Dairy Co Oat Milk Latte Art Competition was designed to help baristas that had been put on JobKeeper or were receiving less shifts due to COVID – 19.

To keep them motivated baristas were able to win $500 each week for a month by sending in their videos to Café Culture via Instagram of them showing us their latte art skills using the ADC Oat Milk.

We received outstanding results with over 100 baristas from around Australia entering the competition, making the judges job a difficult one as they had to decide which ‘Seahorse’ or ‘Pegasus’ would win each week.

The judges were Rachel Glasbergen, an official 2019 Golden Bean Judge, lover of coffee as well as a plant milk advocate, Marcus Fehlberg a passionate student of all things coffee, an experienced barista and plant-milk consumer, and Fleur Clohesy a WBC Certified Sensory Judge with 20 years of experience in the Cafe/Coffee industry.

The eventual winners were Corey Williams, Jodie Chan, Pirada Tungbenjaphol and Thiam Seng Chew.

The winner of the first week was Corey Williams.  

Corey Williams

He was chosen for his creativity in his video presentation as well as for his beautifully designed seahorse.

Jodie Chan was the second week winner for her outstanding talent using the Alternative Dairy Co Oat Milk by presenting a lion to the judges.

Jodie Chan

Next we had Pirada Tungbenjaphol winner of the third week as she poured a stunning Pegasus that reminded the judges of My Little Pony.

Pirada Tungbenjaphol

The fourth winner was Thiam Seng Chew who presented a great video with a well-executed Pegasus.

Thiam Seng

Each competitor submitted such outstanding applications that we decided to extend the competition judging to the public, inviting them to comment on their favourite latte artists videos, the overall winner was then decided on between the judges and the results of the videos.

The baristas approached this tough competition with grit and tenacity in the way they promoted their videos, with the final winner Jodie Chan chosen for her creativity in pouring a lion using the Alternative Dairy Co Oat Milk.

The Overall winner went to Jodie Chan

Jodie was presented with the Alternative Dairy Co trophy after being voted overall winner of the competition

The overall all winner went to Jodie Chan who was presented with the Cafe Culture and Alternative Dairy Co trophy

We would like to send a big Thank You to our judges and competitors who participated in the Alternative Dairy Co x Café Culture Virtual Latte Art Competition as it was such an enjoyable event.

We look forward to running a real-life version of this event in the future once restrictions are eased.


It was awesome to see such amazing skill and some very clever designs for The Alternative Dairy Co. Virtual Latte Art Smackdown. I had great fun being involved but judging all the amazing entries wasn’t easy as there were some very creative and masterful submissions. Well done to all who took part! – Marcus

I would look forward to our judging session with anticipation.  I was utterly amazed at the talent and creativity of those who entered.  A big shout out to every person who entered, you guys are the best! – Rachel

Judging the Virtual Latte Art Comp was really fun & challenging as there were…So many awesome entries and talented baristas – Tilly

Thank You Tilly Edwards 


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