Turmeric Immunity Booster Shot

So much has changed in the last few weeks, and people are confused and concerned.

With so many ‘normal’ things being disrupted, people need and want some comfort and familiarity.

Coffee is a daily ritual for most Australians and their local cafe delivers the goods day in day out. Getting coffee, particularly a grab and go offer, is very low risk in terms of spreading virus and very high in morale and energy boosting, but can we do more?

First thing, we must up the ante on personal hygiene, with thorough hand washing and sanitizing. Providing sanitiser and loo rolls for staff and patrons will be an ongoing challenge that you must overcome.

There are arguments for and against re-useable cups at the moment, however steam or boiling water seems to be effective (not sure though).

Staff who may have symptoms should self-quarantine to avoid the spreading potential that this service to the community can bring.

Many cafes are now no longer taking cash, opting for tap and go only.

With those challenges addressed or overcome, there are opportunities also available.

Superfoods have never been more in demand!

Turmeric leads the way.

The benefits of turmeric as an antimicrobial and antiviral are well known. The Golden Milk consumed by Indians for millennia as a flu treatment and preventative has a long history of efficacy.  So many Indians we meet with at events get very excited to taste mama’s golden milk (that nursed them to recovery during childhood flu) without any grit or sediment, and as a liquid concentrate making it even easier to use.

Many cafes are already using Alchemy’s Golden Turmeric Elixir to make Golden Lattes, which offer 48mg of curcumin per cup, but this immunity boosting benefit can be served in many different ways. Just adding 15ml of the elixir to hot or iced milk or plant milk makes the now cafe standard turmeric latte, however there are other ways to help boost your patron’s immunity levels.

You can offer your patrons a grab and go turmeric shot that you can easily make in-house and serve in a 4oz takeaway cup alongside the morning brew.

A happy combination of coffee, immunity and profitability. This takes the morning coffee $4.50 sale up to $9.00 with a quick shot of turmeric elixir and fresh OJ stirred into a cup.


15ml Original Golden Turmeric Elixir

50ml fresh orange juice

Stir into a 4oz takeaway cup


If patrons want to linger over a long drink, you can add 15ml of the Turmeric Elixir to half and half fresh OJ and soda water. This drink is really delicious and I can say from personal experience helped myself and several colleagues who were suffering with the flu last year to soldier on without any other medication and with a speedy recovery. It also makes an immunity boosting cocktail when you add a shot of vodka or spiced rum.

A shot of the Turmeric Elixir can be added to smoothies. Banana and Mango smoothies in particular are even more delicious with the goodness of a shot of turmeric in them and you can charge more for them too.

We are seeing a huge surge in demand for our superfood elixirs, all of which are great products for immunity boosting across the board, our Turmeric Elixir in particular, with consumers buying bottles to bring with them into personal isolation as a part of their immunity boosting arsenal.

If you need to re-stock or want to start using Alchemy’s Turmeric Elixir, then call or email Alchemy HQ on 07 3488 2335 or info@alchemycordial.com.au.


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