Minas Hill Coffee

Few green coffee traders in the market can say they are deeply rooted to the origin they represent overseas.

For Minas Hill, Brazil is not only the source of all coffee and cocoa, but the essence of the company.

Established in 2012 to import coffee in a different business-model working directly with producers, Minas Hill specialises in Brazilian coffee and focuses on high-quality specialty coffees that are unique, ethical and sustainable.

“By concentrating on one country we are able to establish a deep connection with the farmers and offer the greatest range of Brazilian coffees in Australia, from exclusive micro-lots to quality blenders” – says Marcelo Brussi, Minas Hill founder. 

Over the years the relationship with producers became so strong Minas Hill started to support social and environmental projects through its farmers.

“As Brazilians and members of the Brazilian Specialty Coffee Association (BSCA), we know the struggles farmers go through at origin, and feel grateful we are in a position to help” – he adds.

In 2020 Minas Hill Foundation was created, a non-profit organisation to promote transparency and increase donations and support.

There are now 3 main projects in place:

GIMA: Since 2008, GIMA (The Intercity Games for the Environment) promotes social responsibility and environmental awareness for young generations.

Once a year, hundreds of children from five towns surrounding Alta Mogiana region are united at Bom Jesus farm. There are exciting games and prizes that change those children’s lives forever.

Minas Hill has supported and promoted this project since 2015, organising fundraisers to donate push-bikes.

Wings:  A project focused on reintegration and release of wild birds.

There are 2 aviaries at Pinhal farm, where birds seized by environmental agents go into quarantine and rehabilitation process.

This project is supported by IBAMA (Brazilian Institute of the Environment and Renewable Natural Resource) and also educates people to respect the environment and report illegal wildlife trade.

Women in Coffee: Encouraging women to produce, process and brand their own coffee, showcasing their talent, creativity and journey. Their dedication and passion have proved to be essential ingredients in the creation of outstanding coffees.

For Minas Hill it is possible to conciliate transparency with economic growth. Minas Hill believes good choices make a difference in the industry and it is important to continue focusing on sustainability.

For 2021 the company is expanding activities to 2 other capitals in Australia: Adelaide and Townsville. “We believe in fair price, fair trade and better practices in the coffee industry, which includes everyone in the supply chain” – Marcelo finishes.

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