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Congratulations!  This post is performing better than 85 percent of other posts on your page.  Boost it to show it to more people.  Get more likes, comments and shares…  

If your business has a Facebook or Instagram page, chances are absolute you’ve seen this message. 

What’s not as clear is exactly how that additional engagement translates into more business, or if it does at all. 

In this edition of Spilling the Beans, we share a few social media hacks that will get your sales numbers looking more like a roasting curve. 

Want more likes? Bend your knee, point your toe, share your best duck face and look natural

Want to sell on Social Media? The formula is a little different. 

Like any form of advertisement, you’re competing for the consumers time and interest. 

There are three major components to selling on a social platform. 

Stopping the scroll, directing attention to your ad copy, and executing a call to action.  All three must work together to convert a viewer to a customer. 

A compelling image stops the scroll. 

Facebook recommends 20 percent text or less on images. 

The picture isn’t your billboard or your ad copy.  It’s a red light.  It grabs attention with a lifestyle image that your customer relates to and it and stops their scroll. 

Consider a single text overlay tucked into a corner with an attention-grabbing line.  REFER A FRIEND – GET FREE COFFEE.  This is your lead magnet. 

If your image and offer are compelling, the viewer will take time to read the ad copy. 

Facebook and Instagram cut off the text above an image after a couple of sentences. Make sure your offer is clearly defined in two sentences. 

You can write a small paragraph with supporting details, but the likelihood of the viewer clicking Read More is low.  Craft your pitch in the first sentence and your call to action in the second. 

“Love our award-winning coffee? Your next bag is free when you refer a friend.”  Great ad copy is tight, straightforward and has a clear call to action.  Notice we used WHEN, rather than IF, because it’s an assumptive close.  It’s directive.  You’re telling the viewer what to do.

To close the deal, you must be explicitly clear on your call to action. 

The CTA is located just below the ad image.  It can say Shop Now, Learn More, Message Us, or any number of directives. 

Align the best call to action with your sales campaign.  You’re still competing for the viewers time, and a singular call to action has the highest rate of conversion. 

Send the viewer to your website. 

A single directive line ( Free Coffee!? Yes Please! ) to the left of the CTA – Learn More – will generate far more website views than explaining the details above the ad image.   

The next time the bartender pours you another pint while telling you how well you handle your booze, or Facebook congratulates you on your amazing post that you should boost, make sure you created it intentionally and you’re stacking up beans in the bank and not just likes on your page! 

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Great flavor is developed at the perfect intersection of time and temperature.  Great companies are built by maximizing a strategic, repeatable process guaranteed to continuously deliver a scalable, exceptional product. 

Founded by a Wall Street veteran in January of 2019, Blue Collar Joe Coffee Co. was born with a purpose: to provide hard working, genuine people with exceptionally fresh Farm-to-Cup coffee. 

To accomplish this, BCJ spent the first 6 months in beta, building out website design, developing an intentional sales funnel, and establishing authentic relationships directly with farms all over the world.

After joining forces with Double Shot Marketing LLC, a social media brand awareness firm in the Atlanta area, BCJ is now the fastest growing coffee company in Georgia. With Double Shot’s proprietary DS3 methodology and BCJ’s customized advertising strategy, the two companies now offer social media consulting to coffee companies all over the world. 

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