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Barista Technology specialise in container bars, restaurants, cafes, espresso cubes and drive thru QSR (Quick Service Restaurants).

Barista Technology provide a complete solution for your cafe container needs with a variety of styles to choose from and the ability to customise the fit-out to suit your individual needs.

Barista Technology have the latest cafe equipment and technology ready to install into your container to provide a seamless workflow and assisting in reducing training problems associated with a traditional cafe set up. 

Custom Shipping Container Cafe
Design your own container cafe interior with a great service counter

Barista Technology provide a complete solution

  • Variety of container styles
  • Custom fit-out
  • Commercial coffee machines
  • Perfect Moose – Automated Milk system
  • Puqpress – Automatic tamp
  • Coffee Grinders
  • Flow system – for consistent coffee quality
  • Barista fridge
  • Cafelier cleaning system

Shipping container cafes are affordable

Fit out and rental costs can make it challenging for a new operator to be successful. At less than the cost of a coffee van or a full shop fit out, container cafes offer portability and the ability to drop one practically anywhere, fully equipped and ready to serve amazing coffee.

Black Container Cafe
Grey and Orange Container Cafe

Increase profits with a pop up cafe

Cafe Containers are an affordable way to implement the drive-thru and curbside innovation and are set to be the future of portable cafes and drive-thru options.

The container cafe is a great solution for busy service stations looking to increase profits with barista quality coffee by simply dropping one on the driveway in a much more accessible way. 

Innovative solutions, fast and efficient service

Barista Technology workflow designs and innovative equipment solutions offer the fastest and most efficient service options available anywhere in the world for shipping container cafes.

“Here at Barista Technology, we’ve taken our technology and innovation and applied it to our latest exciting offering – Shipping Container Cafes, otherwise known as the ‘pop up cafe’. We have one of the biggest container modification facilities, supplying Australia, Asia and the USA.”

Custom Shipping Container Cafe
The espresso cube is ideal for a drive thru application in quick service restaurant sector.

A shipping container cafe or ‘Pop Up Cafe’ is a great way to make your business stand out from the competition.

Barista Technology are here to assist you with the latest technology and innovation to make sure that your container cafe becomes a success.

Contact Barista Technology to create your own style and design and for more information.

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