Woah we’re halfway there, woah lemon on a pear!

On a main street of Maylands in Perth, sits a cafe Steam Haus. Made up of four rooms and an outdoor area this quirky cafe has a space for everyone. As a young traveller, making my way around Australia, I’ve wandered into many cafes but nothing as wholesome as Steam Haus. I finally found a cafe I can call my local, until time comes to head back home of course.

Welcomed with smiles and my order already memorised, my girlfriend and I find a cosy spot in the second room, which has its own game machine, funky art on the walls and a green velvet lounge. My order, a lactose free latte and hers a soy cappuccino, we sit and enjoy a beautiful creamy blend of Gesha Coffee Co. If you don’t drink cow’s milk not to worry, I can’t drink it either unless I want to spend the rest of the day in a toilet. Steam Haus offers many alternative milk options like soy, lactose free, coconut, almond, macadamia and Alternative Dairy Co’s oat milk, yes please and thank you.

Not just a place to grab an awesome coffee but yummy cakes, like the vegan raspberry and almond slice, gluten free options and not to forget the classics like a toasted ham and cheese croissant. I’m still yet to try something other than the delicious smashed avo on freshly toasted sourdough with cherry tomatoes, a poached egg and balsamic glaze, just thinking of this all day breaky option is making me drool. I briefly mentioned I was writing a review on Steam Haus Cafe to a friend Chrimbo, his response was “Best f***ing toasted sandwich in all my days”, there you go that’s all you need to know. If you ever are heading to Perth this cheerful family run cafe is one to drop in to.

It’s been fun, take it easy my friends. And don’t forget you are only as strong as your coffee and mine being a latte… Well I’ll work on that, might add in an extra shot next time.

Café Review by Abbey Hannan

Check out the Steam Haus Café on Instagram – HERE

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