“Your side has officially been pimped!”

Most of our customers offer a variety of different sides on their menus, catering to those extra hungry customers. Venues usually have a couple of signature sides on offer, like chips, onion rings and seasonal greens that chefs opt to have on their menu at all times. One of the more popular staples for venues is garlic bread. It can be perfectly paired with many a dish and is beloved by diners across the country.

Although you might consider much of our Australian Garlic Bread Co. range merely a sidekick to mains, we’re here to suggest that it’s much more than that. Much like chips to poutine, our garlic bread offers the opportunity to be spun into something new and unique to your menu. Here are a few ideas that you can bring to your next garlic bread brainstorming session:

Cut it your way

The AGB Garlic Sub is cut horizontally, which leaves a bit more flexibility in terms of how you’d like to shape your garlic bread. Long, short, it’s completely up to you!

Top it off

Many of our AGB products make for a great base to make something new! Top the AGB Garlic Slices with tomato, basil and a bit of balsamic for a classic bruschetta spin off..

Load it up

The classic 9” and 11” AGB Garlic Breads make for a great pairing with pizza. But why stop there!? Layer the top with cheese, tomato sauce and protein to combine the two together!

Crouton magic

The AGB Ciabatta Garlic Slices can easily be made into croutons. These premium rustic slices have a 4–5-minute bake time and can be added to almost any salad or soup for that extra tasty crucnch!

We think that if these ideas should help kickstart your culinary creativity. However, if you are struggling for inspiration, here’s a handful of chef-inspired recipe ideas that you can try for yourself:

If you’ve created something new and unique to your venue using our products, we’d love to see it, and we’re sure our followers on Facebook and Instagram would to! Feel free to send us any pics of your culinary wizardry for a chance to feature on our page. We’re always keen to do shout outs and collaborations, you and your business could be next.

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