It’s one of the most talked about subjects within the coffee industry today – and it’s going viral

The Rising Price of Coffee – Our very own Cafe Culture Magazine featured several articles on this very topic in the new year. Toward the end of last year CEO of Cafe Culture, Sean Edwards was already foreseeing an inevitable price increase on a cup of coffee by cafes around the world, as the steady increase in the cost of green bean suddenly hit a staggering 30-40%.

Justin Metcalf, owner of Aurigin Coffee, provided an insightful article on the impact of Covid-19 on the global coffee supply chain, and how the changing climate continues to influence the price of your cup of coffee.

Phillip Di Bella, Coffee industry mogul and CEO of The Coffee Commune, added his point of view in his article on the effects of rising coffee prices on Australia’s cafe culture, asking the question will coffee, an everyday expenditure for most consumers, become a luxury? Read full article here.

Published articles in the industry’s leading publication – Cafe Culture Magazine featuring ‘The price rise of coffee’.


It seems though, the topic has gone viral – with reports on major television networks recently, including this report on ABC News Think you’re paying too much for your morning coffee? The worst is yet to come.

President of the Café Owners and Baristas Association of Australia, David Parnham explaining to the ABC “It’s nearly five times the container prices of two years ago due to global shortages of containers and ships to be able to take things around the world.”

David also spoke with 4BC radio station in Queensland, reiterating that the price rise of coffee has been long overdue and there’s numerous reasons why it will need to increase. Predicting a rise to around $6 a cup in Brisbane and surrounds.

“Cafe owners have been surviving through COVID restrictions and have also been incurring lots of increases that are not just the raw coffee costs of green bean importing into Australia, but all these subsidiaries that go around running a cafe in a small business.

“You’ve got labour costs, labour shortages, things like milk prices, I mean the days of $2 milk at the supermarkets is over for a 2 litre bottle.” 

More articles can be found online here:

The rising price of coffee – Stories go viral on the media. Image courtesy Nine Now


The humble cup of coffee has not seen a price increase in years, and as green bean costs soar something had to give.

Renowned coffee industry professionals, cafe owners and baristas came together in November last year for the 2021 Golden Bean Competition and Conference – The world’s largest coffee roasters competition and conference, and were presented with a quandary about the idea of raising the price of coffee and what this would mean for cafe, coffee roasters and suppliers.

Ryan Mein, General Manager of Cafe Culture and The Golden Bean Competition summed up the discussion in the recently published Cafe Culture magazine.

Cafe Culture General Manager Ryan Mein and CEO Sean Edwards present “The Price Rise of Coffee” at the 2021 Golden Bean Competition and Conference, November 2021.


This seemingly simple question triggered a robust discussion with the 150 attendees at the Golden Bean.” 

I’ve also happened to speak to a close friend in the beer industry and you know what, they are laughing at us! While beer in pubs is increasing at roughly 50 cent increments year on year, he mentioned it felt like a cup of coffee has been four bucks for the past 10 years. It may be that it just ‘feels’ like, but perhaps it is closer to the truth than we would care to admit.” say Ryan.

It is a stark reality that our other business costs have increased over the past 10 years. Freight, green bean, equipment and staffing are definitely not getting any cheaper, so why have we, as coffee industry experts, sat back and not-yet increased the prices of coffee?

At the end of our Golden Bean discussion, it was unanimously agreed upon that we, as the coffee industry, must increase the price of coffee… right now.

How much? Well that will depend on each individual cafe, but as a general rule, an 8oz cup of coffee should be on average $5, where a one kilo bag of roasted coffee should be on average $35. Even at these prices we aren’t being selfish, and that isn’t what it is about.

We are just ensuring longevity for cafes and coffee roasters during these difficult times. So let’s all get onto helping this industry we love so much by making this change in 2022.

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