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Year after year there are studies around the decline of cash transactions. They are often accompanied by theatrical headlines:



As creative and entertaining as those headlines are, they do stem from scientific data.
The Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) conducted a survey around consumer payment behaviour. And they found that there has been a consistent drop in cash payments over the years.

As a result, industry experts have been making their educated predictions. Some say Australia could be completely cashless by 2026, while others predict that we could go cashless as early as 202.

But is COVID-19 the tipping point?


Cashless transactions gained momentum with the convenience of Tap & Go. But in the COVID climate, Tap & Go goes far beyond convenience.

Its purpose has shifted from complementing a lifestyle to conserving well-being; it’s changed from providing customers convenience, to giving them a sense of security.

According to Sydney Morning Herald, there has been:

  • A decline in ATM withdrawals
    “Withdrawal of cash from ATMs was 32% lower in the week of April 20-26 than a typical week in February”
  • An increase in the limit for contactless card payments
    “(In April), banks and card companies doubled to $200 the amount you can pay with a contactless card, without entering a PIN”

What does this mean for Cafes?

Given this shift in behaviour, cafes will need to demonstrate to customers that they’re taking every precaution to keep their cafes COVID-safe.

Because one of your most attractive and marketable ‘products’, when we return to dining-in, will be ‘peace of mind.’

So consider offering different payment options such as e-wallet. And have a payment system in place that speaks directly to the EFTPOS terminal, so your staff doesn’t need to key in the amount for every transaction.

Beyond the virus

Will the spike in contactless payments neutralise after the end of the pandemic?

Here is what David Ojerholm and Lance Blockley from The Initiatives Group have to say:

“Depending upon the length of the crisis, many of these (payment) changes will become habitual and are likely to outlast the short-term impact of the virus

So chances are, it wouldn’t neutralise. On the contrary, the percentage in contactless payments will remain, potentially increase, and it will most likely shorten our timeline for reaching a cashless society.

Do you have the right system in place? 

How do we best prepare for this predictable but accelerated change? Your Point of Sale (POS) system is a key factor. You want a system that can not only accommodate this shift but also facilitate the growth of your business. A POS that is easy to use, efficient, and cost-effective.

Kounta POS: community, then business

It’s no secret that here at Cafe Culture we have a bias towards cafes, roasters, blends …everything coffee, really. And that’s why we were drawn to Kounta.

Most of their people have backgrounds in hospitality, mostly cafes. In fact, they love their coffee so much that they have a complete espresso bar set-up right at the entrance of their office!

A helping hand during COVID-19

When COVID-19 hit, they ventured into partnerships to provide reasonably priced delivery & takeaway options for businesses. They even gave all of their employees allowances to support their locals during these difficult times.  

And that’s what touched us – their sense of community.  

A fully contactless payment experience

Konta POS is not just supportive of the community, they are also a fierce and powerful Point of Sale system.

Amongst their many features, Kounta keeps the entire payment experience contactless. Kounta POS:

  • integrates directly with the EFTPOS terminal: so staff do not have to key in the amount
  • accepts multiple contactless payment options: card, e-wallet, QR etc
  • sends digital receipts: with customer data that you can later use in your marketing efforts 

If you are as psyched about Kounta as we are, you can try Kounta for free. 


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