I simply cannot see new venues opening with legacy technology in place. The true value of adaptable and connected tech has never been as clear as in the past few months, where so many businesses have had to pivot overnight to survive” – Nick Cloete, Founder & CEO of Kounta

Cloete says: “In the future, operators will be using platforms like Kounta (a cloud-based POS system) to not only survive but also thrive.

But what exactly is a cloud-based POS system?

The most succinct description we’ve come across to date was by PC Magazine. 

They said: cloud-based POS systems are ‘cash registers on steroids’  though in all fairness we would’ve much preferred ‘cash registers on caffeine.’

Cloud POS systems evolved from cash registers. But now, they don’t just facilitate a point of sale transaction, they are involved in key areas of starting, managing, and growing a business. 

Its power lies in its ability to integrate seamlessly with other tech solutions to support business operations. Think of it as your smartphone which functions as your phone, watch, camera, wallet, book(s), calendar, newspaper….where do we stop?

Similarly, a cloud POS brings together systems that organise admin, roster employees, monitor inventory, provide sales insights, produce reports, facilitate marketing….again, where do we stop?

Straight from the horse’s mouth – why some businesses performed better than others during the lockdown

During the lockdown, tech swept across all aspects of our lives. From platforms like zoom to get us working from home and the engineering of an app to keep the virus at bay.

For hospitality – in order to continue trading – online orders, takeaway & delivery had to be adopted. But some venues got there sooner. And they were able to, despite all odds, thrive during the lockdown.

Atlas Dining, Melbourne (Victoria)

Charlie Carrington, owner and head chef, wasted no time in pivoting to selling meal kits for would-be diners to cook up their own feast in the comfort of their homes. He then started online masterclasses to show his customers how to whip up those delicious meals.

The results?

Within the first two weeks, the business had seen two of its most lucrative days on record.

Cortado Cafe, Lawson (NSW)

Cafe owner and Kounta customer, Michael, made between 5% to 7% more during the lockdown. How? He invested in equipment to adapt to the new mode of trading and relied on his POS system for data to make informed decisions on his product offering and margins.

This is his story. 

“About a month ago, I pivoted hard to takeaway. I knew there was no other option.

I bought cabinet displays and extra equipment like more fridges and an extra fast sandwich press. I organised new vendors for cakes and pastries. And I started using analytical & sales tools from Kounta POS to understand my margins and make informed decisions on what products I should focus on to make the most profit.

It’s been a journey and, I won’t lie, there have been many ups and downs. But it’s paid off. I actually made 5% to 7% more than what I did before COVID-19. This gives me a lot of hope for my cafe and the hospo industry.”

How Kounta’s cloud weathered the COVID storm

Kounta is a cloud-based POS system that’s run by a local team of ex-chefs, bar managers, cafe operators, and tech professionals. During the lockdown, they weren’t shy to roll up their sleeves and support their community in any way that they could like organising delivery runs for their customers.

Beyond that, they adapted their POS system (and they adapted it fast!) to the exact needs of the COVID climate by:

  • offering an integrated online ordering platform with an unprecedented low payment rate of 5.9%
  • introducing a free dashboard that instantly compares the business’ revenue to the previous year so that they can easily access and monitor their JobKeeper payment eligibility 

Moving with the times – lockdown or no lockdown

Stories about delivery & takeaway dominate the argument in the tech space for POS in cafes and hospitality. But the merit of a Cloud POS far surpasses online orders.

Because a good POS system is fuelled by intelligence to identify the needs of the industry (lockdown or not) and the tech agility to deliver the solutions.

Free digital tour of Cloud POS system

See it with your own eyes. This virtual tour stops at key landmarks in Kounta POS, demonstrating exactly how it works and, more importantly, what it can do for you and your business. Attend your free tour here. 


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