Growing up in a family that has been involved in the coffee industry for over 25 years has meant that coffee was a lifestyle for sisters, Chloe and Emily Metcalf.

From the very early days of running a cafe through to the current day commercial roastery, coffee is the only business these young women have known. NO-DÄ Coffee was created from a passion for coffee, and a commitment to the environment.

NO-DÄ stands for non-dairy, and true to their name, they focus on creating coffee to complement non-dairy milks.

When asked why develop a coffee blend specifically for alternative milk, Chloe responded with, “My sister and I have been soy milk drinkers for many years now. When trying different blends and single origin coffees with soy milk, we quickly realised that they didn’t react or taste the same as ‘regular cow’s milk’.” Together they have worked in the family roastery, packing coffee and then moving on to Quality Control. “Working in QC has given us in depth knowledge about green beans, roasted coffee and all the science behind it. As well as, and most importantly, the experience in organoleptic testing, also known as ‘cupping’ of coffee. We worked together on our first blend with the aim to create a coffee that would suit us, and our soy milk drinkers alike. We’re now focusing on creating different coffee blends for all alternative milks”. Chloe is the older sister and her role in the partnership is blend development and graphic design.

Emily and Chloe Metcalf

Both the women have been fortunate enough to have attended Championships and Expos around the world. “We have been to 2 World Barista Championships, London and Melbourne, National Championships in Australia, as well as Japan and Singapore” says Emily, younger sister, blend developer and administrator of the business. With a Degree in Environmental Science Emily explains further, “There are many reasons to drink plant-based milks, but for me it is about the environmental impact. We saw a gap in the market for a coffee that guaranteed a great experience every time.”

With the ever-growing non-dairy market, coffee drinkers are making educated decisions to switch from cow’s milk. Chloe and Emily know that drinking alternative milks shouldn’t mean compromising on flavour, taste, and quality. It’s for that reason they have made it their mission to design specific coffee blends that provide all the delicious coffee flavours, while highlighting and bringing out the best of your favourite non-dairy milk. NO-DÄ Coffee currently has two blends available, “Soy Blend” and “Almond Blend”, both now available on their website.


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