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Bring your coffee brand to life by joining the “functional coffee” space.

With the rise of the Instagram influencer and the health conscious consumer comes the new age of functional coffee.

What is “Functional Coffee” ?

It is bringing into the mix products like collagen, MCT, turmeric, probiotics, protein along with adaptogens like reishi mushrooms and nootropics for mind health.

Zero sugar, Keto friendly, vegan, gluten free, GMO free are all things consumers demand now along with coconut, soy, oat and plant based milks becoming so popular delivering a product that offers this is crucial for success.

Offering the benefits of weight management, energy, detoxification and glowing skin are becoming essential angles in having your product cut through.

Plant based foods along with the vegan movement mean customers are chasing genuine health benefits with their daily coffee so providing a solution is critical in your cold coffee brand becoming successful.

“We all know the Kombucha story which has risen to over a $500 million a year business so we know the craving for gut health is massive and seems to have no ceiling” says Brett Bolwell of Brew Projects.

Brew Projects is seeing an influx of enquiries around RTD (ready to drink) products that bring a whole new dimension to coffee and foresee incredible growth in this space so if your looking to bring your brand to life or wish to discuss your ideas get in touch with Brett and his team today. 

About us

At Brew Projects our primary focus is offering coffee roasters a one-stop contract cold brewing solution. We are the first in Australia to have a system to extend the shelf life of cold brew using our Cold Pressing equipment.

Cold Pressing the coffee takes around 18 hours and involves a unique high-pressure process that results in a more well balanced and sweeter flavour profiles than current cold brew processing. Ground coffee is placed in huge vats, along with triple filtered cold water then pressurised under 2 tonnes of pressure.

There’s an equal focus on sanitation at the automated bottling line. One reason we decided to become HACCP certified for cold brew is because of the real risk to the industry of someone getting sick. Failure to sanitise properly along the supply chain can have severe results plus we lab test each batch to ensure the integrity of the product!

Let us help you bring your cold coffee concept to reality. Call us today!

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