COVID Comply

In late May and early June Australian State Governments announced plans to re-open restaurants, cafes, and many other businesses and venues across the country.

Under the new rules, in early June thousands of venues in the state will need to implement additional contact tracing processes to capture and store customer contact information or face on the spot fines.

COVID Comply is a new platform built in Australia by local entrepreneurs in Melbourne with deep experience across healthcare technology and professional services has been launched ahead of the re-opening dates for each state to help Australian business owners manage new contact tracing requirements enforced by each State Government.

Business owners are currently working hard to understand the rules and implement processes that are safe and compliant, but it is not an easy task. “Cafe, restaurant and business owners have a tall order of capturing and retaining customer data whilst respecting their customers safety and privacy” says COVID Comply co-founder Ben Richardson, “so we have built an easy to use, contactless solution that ‘just works’ giving business owners peace of mind that they can maintain compliance during this time.”

Privacy and security are fundamental to the platform. “We have deep experience in building digital platforms in healthcare and professional services settings that are compliant with privacy and security regulations as well as digital encryption best practices for Australian businesses.”

Safety is also a key concern. “Many business owners we spoke to were planning to record contact details using pen and paper shared between staff and customers” Richardson explained. “This defeats the purpose of social distancing so we use both QR code and short URL technology to implement a solution where customers can use their own device to register their details.”

Compliance for hospitality groups and business franchises remains a challenge where compliance is required across multiple locations. “We’ve also built dashboard reporting for business owners to easily manage and review their compliance across multiple locations in a consolidated dashboard.”

Packed with useful features

COVID Comply is available for free to try at



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