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Tested and developed with Q-Graders and Baristas from around the world, the Bentwood Vertical 63 delivers a unique taste experience, both for espresso and filter coffee, as blind tastings confirm over and over again.

Already its prototypes have been used for barista competitions and the product has been refined ever since, resulting in the cutting-edge product it is today.

The stepless grind adjustment guides baristas intuitively to the perfect grind setting, by showing an indication of the particle size, not wasting coffee to dial in and consistently delivering the desired output, which is why it is so popular with baristas working with precious single origin beans.

To support the barista’s individual work flow, the grinder impresses with its versatility. Time dosing on demand mode or single shots via the barista button, working with the portafilter support or without to place a dosing cup, all can be done within a glance. 

The screwless face of the unique 63mm vertical burrs and the smartly designed grinding chamber keep retention to a minimum and the chute delivers the coffee nice and fluffy.

The heavy aluminium parts and the double ventilation system keep the coffee cool, which is key to maintain aroma and extract the best of specialty coffee beans.

Cleaning and service are done with ease, as the spout can be removed by hand and the grinding chamber accessed in under two minutes.

The Bentwood Vertical 63 comes in black matt or white and can be paired with three different kinds of wood without any upcharge, making it an eye-catcher on every bench.

For more information contact Barista Technology Australia at orders@baristatechnology.com.au

or visit their website.

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