Pentair Everpure

Barista Technology prides itself on delivering quality and consistency for the coffee industry with all our products. 

We are proud to announce that we have partnered with Pentair Everpure and Hydracs to deliver the best quality water wherever your location.

In the foodservice industry, strict standards of quality, consistency and sanitation are essential ingredients for any successful restaurant, coffee house or eating establishment. 

Pentair helps operators serve the best food and beverages to their customers while achieving efficiencies and maximizing profits.

Teaming with Hydracs, the world’s first water quality monitoring telemetry, allows us to customize your water purification to create optimal taste, protect your equipment and lower cost of operation.

Everpure Pentair Systems are specifically designed for specialty coffee and tea brewing.

The cartridges help reduce limescale and harmful contaminants which affect water taste and odor by employing ion exchange (“saltless” softening) technology to remove carbonate hardness and lower alkalinity, preventing the scale-forming process from occurring.  

We don’t just offer products.

We make running foodservice operations easier with our unique and innovative water management services.

About Pentair Everpure

Everpure are one of the most trusted brands in water filtration systems and one of the most recognised brands when it comes to water filters in commercial environments.

As well as a wide range of commercial filtration products, Everpure also caters for the residential market, ensuring the best quality water both at work and at home.

Being a master distributor for Everpure means we have an extensive range at unbeatable prices.  

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