We look for the best coffees in Brazil, results of special elaborated processes, and coming from different Brazilian regions.
The coffee that comes to you originates from different regions of Brazil: From Minas Gerais (Matas, Mantiqueira, Cerrado e Sul); São Paulo, Mogiana Paulista and from Espírito Santo, straight from Caparaó. Our producer partners plant several varietals such as Catuaí Red and Yellow, Obatã.
Bourbon, Yellow Caparaó, Mundo Novo, Icatu, among others, with different types of post-harvest, such as natural processes, semi washed, pulped natural, fully washed, honey, fermented.
Our job is to connect coffee and its stories with the world. In this relationship, we value closeness to producers and their families, discussing production aspects, management and market trends and empowering their social, socio-environmental and sustainable development.
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