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Ethically sourced, sustainably produced, and high grade – Pure Tea seeks to offer tea leaves that look after both the drinker and the environment.

Owned and operated by Brad and Fleur, the husband and wife duo have a passion and dedication for the hospitality industry unlike any other.

The Perth couple seek to offer top quality at the most affordable price.

Pure Tea accomplishes that and more. Each tea is curated in Bibra Lake, Perth, and distributed to cafes WA-wide and homes across Australia.

Pure Tea has a wide selection of teas (loose leaf tea and biodegradable tea bags) that cater towards the dominant market as well as the tea connoisseur.

A beautiful and thoughtful product much like the owners.

For more information visit


p. 089-418-4877
e. sales@leafbeanmachine.com.au
w. www.leafbeanmachine.com.au/
f. www.facebook.com/PureTea.au
i. www.instagram.com/puretea_australia/

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