Riverina Fresh Milk

Consistently perfect milk for a consistently perfect coffee.

Choosing the right milk is an important decision. With 95% of Australians enjoying a milk-based coffee drink, your choice of milk brand has the ability to impact the quality and consistency of the coffee that you serve to your customers every single day.

We want the coffee you serve to your customers to be consistently good to keep them coming back to your café. That’s why we have our Full Cream, Light, Skim and Lactose Free milk available in convenient 2L bottles. In addition to this, we offer 10L bags in Full Cream, Light and Skim for the Juggler system to cater for your needs.

Put our milk to the test. Register for a free trial by phone or online.

p. 1800 993 081
w. www.riverinafresh.com.au
f. @riverinafresh
i. @riverinafresh

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