Motherloss awareness week – May 1st to 7th.

Motherless Daughters is a registered Australian Charity raising awareness and offering support services to Daughters and families who have lost mother figures. For many of the 3.7 million daughters who have lost their mums, Mothers Day can be a time of renewed sadness and grief, no matter how long it’s been. So, in the lead up to and culminating on Mothers Day Motherless Daughters are raising awareness of their organisation, offering hope to motherless daughters across Australia.

Motherless Daughters Australia (MDA) – is a not for profit organisation that supports and connects women and girls whose mums have died, to help navigate the everyday and life’s key milestones. Some of the support services we offer include free provision of journals for children, face to face community events and an online support group.

How can I help?

Your cafe can support MDA by donating $1 per coffee sold on Mother’s Day, 8th May, to help raise funds and awareness, so that they’re able to continue making a difference in the lives of many. All donations over $2 are tax deductible.

Alternatively, share the campaign to help raise awareness and support and organisation!

“You could share some information internally with your employees, include us in any promotional Mother’s Day EDM’s, and/or share any of our social tiles to your social media for any of your valued followers to learn about us. A little bit of awareness can go a very long way, and may help to make someone feel a little more supported, heard and seen on Mother’s Day.”



Danielle and Eloise are two young women who lost their mothers early in life but were unable to find any Australian resources or support for the unique grief and isolation they experienced. They connected through social media and discovered many other women in a similar situation. The pair founded Motherless Daughters Australia (MDA) in 2013.


The Community

Mother loss for women and girls is profound. It is estimated that more than 1.2 million Australian women have experienced the loss of this unique and important relationship between the ages of 0 and 44 years (derived from ABS 2015 – 2018 data). Recent research suggests that a Mother’s death may impact daughters more adversely than sons.

The Impact of Mother loss The lifelong impact of mother loss for women and girls has been documented in international research. Anxiety, grief related depression, unresolved trauma and feelings of shame and guilt are common. Renewed and perpetual feelings of grief, regret and loss continue to occur at different times throughout a motherless daughter’s life and can be exacerbated by events such as Mother’s Day or the birth of a child.

Premature mother loss can affect future close relationships. When mother loss occurs during adulthood, evidence suggests that women and girls are more likely to engage in substance abuse, and experience a loss of esteem, personal identity, and sense of purpose. The grief specific to mother loss has been associated with immune disorders, heart conditions, self-harm and suicide. As such, the loss of a mother has profound economic, psychological, and social implications.

Getting involved on social media, participants are encouraged to take photos to show off their ‘wings’.

Aims of the Organisation

Motherless Daughters Australia is the only organisation in Australia focused on the impact of mother loss for women and girls of all ages and backgrounds and aims to represent, inform and support and connect them.

Through its virtual, face-to-face events and peer support programs across Australia, MDA provides a unique space for individuals to talk about this deeply personal topic. By connecting with others who have a shared experience MDA aims to improve self-esteem and confidence, help with grief management, alleviate feelings of depression and anxiety, and improve the overall health and wellbeing of motherless daughters.

The organisation is also committed to raising public awareness and facilitating Australian-based research to increase understanding of all short and long-term psychological and physical effects of mother loss.

Campaign Poster: Your cafe can support this cause!


In 2017, MDA volunteers set up a Company Limited by Guarantee structure, developed a constitution and formed a board. With expertise in finance, health, the law, marketing and research, board members provide appropriate governance and strategic direction for the organisation.

The Future

In 2020, MDA achieved deductible gift recipient (DGR) status and secured funding to employ an Executive Officer. The Strategic Plan 2021-2023 sets out the organisation’s plan for continued growth by building greater connection opportunities, gathering Australian-based evidence, raising awareness of mother loss and remaining a viable and sustainable organisation.

In the last financial year (2019-2020), MDA’s Facebook peer support group grew from 2089 to 3391 members. Engagement with MDA’s other social media sites continues to increase, as does the number of women and girls attending MDA events across Australia.

MDA envisions a future where all motherless daughters in Australia have access to the right support, guidance and resources so that they feel less alone and more supported in their life journey.

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