Who would of thunk with the year we’ve had and the continuous challenges faced by our committed and passionate community of coffee roasters that we would be able to produce a COVID safe Golden Bean in 2021… Yet, one can’t keep a good event down!

To make it happen in 2020, we had to streamline the largest coffee roasting competition & conference on the planet. We limited the categories from 10 down to 6. The roasters were capped to 1-entry per category last year; with a limit on green bean spend to $60/kg. Last but not least, although entries were to be welcomed nationally, lockdowns meant we called on our NSW roasters to attend and judge. Also, we weren’t able to produce the usual sit down, 3-course meal (often themed) awards ceremony to announce the winners, instead choosing to offer a Zoom version instead, so our roasters could plug in from around Australia to hear the winning names called out.

Amazingly enough, some of these changes organically improved the competition. For instance, the limitation on green bean spend was an important factor when you consider the average roasters daily ritual will be more like $5 – $20 per kg. The other adjustment to make the event even better, in my mind, was restricting the categories from ten to six;

  • Milk-Based (Little Big Dairy Co.)
  • Espresso
  • Pour-Over Filter
  • Alternative Milk (Alternative Dairy Co. Almond)
  • Franchise / Chain Store (judged as espresso & milk-based)
  • Elite (No limit on green bean spend. Geisha’s galore)

The discarded categories were;

  • Decaffeinated
  • Australian Green Bean
  • Home Roast (Milk)
  • Home Roast (Espresso)

I think we can agree losing the decaf, home roasts, which were somewhat novel, and the Australian green bean, which was not as highly competitively fought over as other categories, is not detrimental to the event.

We have increased the amount of entries this year to 10 per category.

What else is new? We have a fresh new website that will allow you to be up to the minute with all the news.

We have a new stunning venue at the Port Macquarie Race Club for our horse racing fans. We have our proud new Sponsors;

  • Little Big Dairy Co. whom you can call on for samples to taste-profile with your roasts.
  • Last year we didn’t have a packaging sponsor, however this year expect your coffee bags to arrive through the post in which to pack your entries from Coffee Bags Direct.
  • Alternative Dairy Co. will run with their Almond instead of the much-loved Oat. Again, for samples, please reach out to us.

The biggest and newest addition to this year’s Golden Bean in 2021 will be the opportunity to have your coffee tested through a detailed scientific analysis.

This helpful new tool will be available year-round and might be used for more than just the judging and feedback forms that are covered within or by the competition itself. For instance, for an extra donation you can get your coffee fully analysed Q-graded TDS % reading, caffeine content, Agtron of roast and sent a full report.

After so many of us experiencing lockdowns throughout the year, who will join us for this prominent event? It will be an opportunity to come and knock heads with your industry colleagues, share your professional development with each other, enjoy the social evenings, we are famous for delivering upon and know that you are part of a community that stands by its fellow compatriots.

Go to goldenbean.com.au to submit your coffee into the competition, for more info or to get an analysis on your coffee.

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