Hi to our coffee industry.

I like it when the vision becomes so clear and business concepts slowly come to fruition.

I am talking about the Golden Bean as we step closer to the next phase of our global project without the worry of being locked down and shutout.

Golden Bean will add a new challenge for its participants in Australia/NZ and North America with a play-off of the past and present winners. This years’ competitions will take place first in the USA in Columbus Ohio on the 16th to 20th August, then the Australia/New Zealand competition in Port Macquarie on the 25th to 29th October.  The twist this year is that we will then have a winners past and present competition, halfway geographically in the Pacific Ocean on Kona Island, Hawaii. The date and venue for the World Series roasting competition has been set for 29th November to 2nd December at Kona Joes Coffee.

Our USA business partner Jan Weigel will be organizing all the fun bits for the Hawaii final, including some cultural happenings and of course amazing introductions to the Hawaiian coffee scene. It will be a great chance for two coffee loving continents to get together in a friendly competition and a networking event. This will be the chance to see who the world’s best coffee roaster is, narrowing down thousands of entrants to one grand champion.

A friendly battle between the hemispheres…

We have two ways Roasters can enter. Firstly, if they have won an overall champions trophy in Australia or the USA over the last 12 years. Secondly, if a Roaster wins a gold or silver medal in this year’s events in the USA or Australia, they can enter. The criteria for the finals will be to enter roasted coffees for the three categories: Espresso, Milk and Filter. The full details and all entry conditions can be found on the competition website portals.

We suggest that if you would like to be part of the Hawaii final as a delegate/judge please register your interest now as our World Series Competition will be in peak season in Hawaii and accommodation and flights will be hard to secure if you book too late and we would hate for you miss attending.

We are so excited to once again reignite our global coffee scene at the roaster level which is the supply chain to our industry, how glad we are to say ‘goodbye’ to Covid and to work on our own industry reset.

Chief Bean

Sean Edwards

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