Café Culture International and The Alternative Dairy Co are proud to announce an additional competition to The Alternative Online Barista Challenge – The Influencer’s Influence Comp!

The Alternative Online Barista Challenge is a virtual latte art challenge, consisting of baristas across Australia submitting videos of their edible caffeinated works of art for their chance to win. Over the first few weeks of the competition, we were FLOODED with the most incredible video submissions, not only showcasing amazing talents behind the coffee machine, but also their passion for the industry and love for ADC!

Thus, midway through our latte art competition, we decided to host an extra little comp as a bonus for all our finalists’ incredible hard work. And so, The Alternative Influencer’s Influence Comp was born. A competition made on-the-run as an additional reward to our talented contenders. So, not only do our challengers have the chance to take home the title of The Alternative Online Latte Art CHAMP – but they can now ALSO enter The Alternative Influencer’s Influence Comp for an extra shot at winning some ultra super cool prizes! The aim for this challenge is that our contenders use their social media presence and power to express their tenderest of love for The Alternative Dairy Co Plant Milks. Contenders can make their submissions as creative and fun as they please, we want to see what our candidates’ love for ADC will make them do!

There will be only one winner, awarded to the post with the most engagement, that will take home this amazing bundle:

$100 gift voucher, courtesy of ADC

$150 credit towards ADC merch store

1x Golden Reg Barber Coffee Tamp

4kg Exclusive Golden Bean Coffee


• Contender to post a picture or video to their own Instagram account between the dates of 17-23 Sep 2021

• This post must include these tags to be in the running: @altdcbarista, @cafeculturemagazine, and #iloveADCmilk

• Every like, comment, and share will count as a point, so get influential!

• Competition only open to The Alternative Online Barista Challenge Week 4 finalists

• This competition is in addition to The Alternative Online Barista Challenge, submissions are separate and will be scored as a separate entity

• All submissions must be in by Thursday 3:30pm, 23 Sep 2021

• Winner announced Friday 24 Sep 2021

• One winner only

• Game of skill


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