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The Art of Blend range of beverage powders are all available in private label for coffee roasters, café chains and quick service restaurants.

Once you hit minimum order quantities, we can provide you with custom label, packaging and flavour options across frappe, smoothie and chocolate beverage bases.

What is Art of Blend?

Art of Blend beverage bases, made by Frosty Boy are a dry powder range of products, that when mixed with water or milk create a gourmet beverage with the look, feel and taste of a premium beverage.

Why Art of Blend?

Art of Blend beverage bases have long shelf lives, they are easy to store, easy to transport and easy to prepare, so this all adds up to better margins for wholesalers and retailers.

As an example, you no longer need to add ice cream to a beverage to get the rich, thick creamy flavour and texture. For a frappe you just add 2 scoops of our Velvet Dairy Frappe base, ice and water, then flavour and garnish as desired. Apart from the costs savings it also cuts down a step in the preparation, simplifying standard operating procedures.

For a lot of our bases, they can also be used across different drink formats including hot, cold and frozen.

What packaging options are available?

We can supply retail ready pillow packs, cannisters and sachets. Some of these options have larger minimum order quantities and artwork printing costs, but if you’re looking to produce a bespoke range of powders that you can wholesale under your own brand then the additional cost will be well worth it over an extended period.

If you would like to add a custom Art of Blend beverage base to your range please email info@frostyboy.com or for more information or visit https://www.theartofblend.com.

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