Leaf Bean Machine

There’s something unique about Leaf Bean Machine, although only a small coffee roaster and tea supplier, they’ve got a strong presence in the hospitality world in Western Australia.

The Perth small business is run by the husband and wife duo Brad and Fleur. They’ve been up and roasting for 10 years now! For Leaf Bean Machine, it’s more than offering an exceptional product and service, “it’s about building community, strengthening connections and simply having a good chat over a good coffee. That’s what life’s about” (Brad).

Brad and Fleur’s Karvan coffee beans and Pure Tea blends are spread all across WA – being the first choice for many Perth cafes, and coffee and tea lovers in Australia. “We create affordable products of an extremely high quality. We want everyone to be able to enjoy one of life’s simplest pleasures” (Fleur).

Over the last decade, the business has steadily grown, winning awards consistently for their Karvan Blend #2, Blend #4, as well as their decaf. The Perth coffee roastery attribute the business’s success to the dedicated and passionate LBM team. “It’s more like a family. We work closely with one another, support each other, celebrate the successes and bound together for the challenges. Each employee is such an important piece to the business, we couldn’t feel more grateful” (Fleur).

“The family extends beyond the business’s walls. It includes the cafes we supply to, the customers we serve and the wanderers who simply pop in to have a look.” (Fleur).

“We stand with open arms to each and every coffee and tea lover” (Brad).

Upon first entrance, walking into Leaf Bean Machine you instantly feel the family embrace as you’re greeted by smiling faces and offered a coffee.

“I learn so much at Leaf Bean Machine. It’s a wonderful industry to be a part of, you’re learning every single day.” – Anne, Front Desk.

“I feel very lucky to contribute to a business that is first and foremostly, a family, and one that embraces transparency, genuine values and of course, produces exceptional products and services.” – Isabel, Digital Marketing.
“It’s wonderful having strong female representations in the business. Being mentored and trained by Fleur, it encourages me to grow and define my role in the company and wider industry.” – Emma, Sales.

As you walk past the front desk, you’ll be greeted by Anna who works in accounts with a big mug of flat white by her side.

“Coffee is a great way to start the day.” – Anna, Accountant.

Next, you’ll be stopped in your tracks as you witness Fleur’s impressive collection of teacups in the kitchen. Then, you’ll come across Summah in the Barista Training room with a glamorous set up of 5 shiny Wega coffee machines.

“I love how that after 18 years of working with coffee, there’s always so much to learn.” – Summah, Barista Trainer.
“I love the family community at work. It’s a home away from home.” – Theresa, Customer Care.

In the roastery, there are the Karvan roasters Marte, Savannah, and Yuki who will go out of their way to give you a wave and excitedly answer anything and everything coffee related.

“Literally every day I wake up, I’m excited to go to work.” – Marte, Head Roaster.
“I never had worked in the coffee industry before. I started in packaging 4 years ago and now… I’m a roaster! Fleur and Brad have invested so much in my learning.” – Savannah, Quality Control.
“My whole perception of coffee has changed. The coffee here is just amazing.” – Yuki, Packaging.

Past the roastery, you’ll arrive in the warehouse where the coffee technicians look up from their machines with a big smile and friendly handshake.

“I love working as a Tech here. The culture of the company makes me feel so valued.” – Ryan, Coffee Technician.
“I really enjoy working with my hands doing something practical, with something I love (coffee!) and with a really great team.” – Brad S, Coffee Technician.

If you’re lucky, you might catch Jon the delivery driver who’s always up for a chinwag and a laugh. He goes in and out of the coffee roastery delivering to popular cafes all across Perth.

“I just enjoy working here so much. Brad and Fleur are amazing people and bosses who I would do anything for.” – Jon, Delivery Driver.

From the entry, to the exit – you couldn’t feel a warmer welcome. Just be warned, you might not want to leave!

“A strong team is the backbone of our business. We all spend so much time at work that it has to be a warm and welcoming environment.” (Brad).

“Brad and I have always encouraged an environment that is relaxed but productive. You can have as many coffee and biscuit breaks as you like as long as at the end of the day your work is done.” (Fleur).

“We lead by example and at the end of the day we feel it is a fun place to work.” (Brad).

“We are big believers in looking after our team. Little things like celebrating birthdays with cake and our best teacups go a long way” (Fleur).

Popping in for a visit, it’s no wonder Leaf Bean Machine has grown in popularity. Their attention to detail in their products, the synergy and communication in the business itself, and Fleur and Brad’s kind and uplifting attitude: it’s more than coffee, it’s a whole community.


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