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Meet CAFELIER C2, the world’s first automatic cleaning device for professional espresso machines.

It is so important to clean heads hourly if you want great coffee. Too many businesses don’t perform this well opting for using blind filters which don’t clean the heads properly of oils and coffee grounds, affecting flavour. 

Your baristas can now clean the shower screens easily and effortlessly during the work day process to ensure perfect coffee flavour all day everyday. 

Great coffee quickly becomes poor coffee when baristas only clean the shower screens daily.  

Check out the benefits of CAFELIER C2

Perfect cleaning
No bitter or burnt coffee flavour taste.

3 easy steps
Attach, wait 10 seconds, detach

Cafelier – It’s as easy as attach, wait 10 seconds and detach.

User friendly
High-end materials are designed to keep you and your espresso machine unharmed.

Blind filter
Enables you to clean all the oils & burnt coffee out of the shower screen, keeping your coffee flowing smoothly.

Perfect for the specialty coffee professional!

Contact the team at Barista Technology today for more information or visit baristatechnology.com.au/products/cafelier-c2

EMAIL orders@baristatechnology.com.au 
TELEPHONE 1300 582 443

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