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Barista Engage – Thursday 17th June 2021, 10am-3pm – Coffee Commune Brisbane

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Sean Edwards – Managing Director, Café Culture International

Like most hospitality positions, job advancement and career development for a barista was a narrow road, and was therefore generally a position for a lifetime. Our cafe and coffee industry has advanced into a $13 billion dollar segment and there are now many career directions for a professional coffee employee. We have looked back over the last 15 years and observed the baristas who have successfully paved the way for new job titles. There are many directions baristas can now pursue as a career, for example; Corporate Coffee Sales, Barista Trainer, Coffee Roaster, Café Owner or even a Coffee Technician.

Barista Engage is a one-day workshop at Coffee Commune in Brisbane, which will focus on the positive career paths for baristas who want to advance into a full-time job role. We have asked some industry professionals to share their success stories with attendees of the workshop. Barista Engage is an industry first, with the generous support of major sponsor The Alternative Dairy Co, who jumped at the chance to do a positive impact workshop that hopefully will shine a different light onto the barista career path and take away the last years’ negative industry downturn due to the Covid pandemic.

We are super excited to announce our industry speakers. Justin Metcalf, World Barista Head Judge and one of the largest coffee roasters in Australia. Justin will be our MC and will also talk about competitions for baristas and their pathways.

Justin Metcalf (far right) with Duncan Jamieson and Ana Cristina Guirola (Cristy)

David Makin, another multiple award-winning barista will talk about his journey of creating 22 cafes in Victoria. David turned his career of a corporate coffee trainer into a successful business model with his main brand Axil Coffee, which is an iconic institution in Melbourne.

Phillip Di Bella, another well-known industry coffee personality will take you on his personal journey and the ups and downs of running a coffee business. He will take you behind the scenes of his latest project, The Coffee Commune.

Phillip Di Bella, the Coffee Commune

Craig Lawson from The Alternative Dairy Co spent many years working for a large corporate coffee business as a state sales manager. Craig will talk about how to achieve the transition from small business to corporate.

The day is free of charge to the first 40 baristas who apply, and lunch and coffee will be complimentary for delegates. The Alternative Dairy Co will supply a goodie bag with lots of fun merch. On the day we will choose four baristas to be part of a six month program where entrants can complete six months with their chosen industry mentors.

Tickets will sell fast but if you miss out or can’t get to Brisbane the event will be live streamed with full participation for all online registrations.

For more details and booking information email sean@cafeculture.com

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