Golden Bean Australia 2020

It’s been a crazy time for our industry and most of us have felt the pain of the Covid 19 Pandemic.

Many coffee businesses have felt the brunt of reduced seating numbers and cafe closures.

We have decided to still run the Golden Bean Australia in November, designed around a Covid safe competition.

We are reducing the event down to a workable size with limited coffee categories and a smaller number of judges in alignment with social distancing laws. The event will take place in Port Macquarie and we will be inviting judges who live close to this area. 

” We see moving forward with the Golden Bean Coffee Roaster Competition as a major positive for our industry.”

Most of us have taken many hard financial hits and we need some fun of interaction via competition to get some spirit back into our businesses. Let’s reward our champions and help promote their business by their winning results.

We will only be running 5 categories this year. Espresso, Milk Base, Filter, Franchise Milk and Alternate Milk. We have limited the number to 100 entries per category and a roaster can only enter the category once.

To make the playing field even tighter we have put a price max of green beans at $60 per kilo. We want to test the skills of the roaster not the size of their wallet.

We will be opening the entry portal on the 1st of September and we are predicting entries will fill fast because of the limited number. Please get in early to secure your competition admittance so you are not disappointed.

We will also be reaching out in NSW for experienced Golden Bean Judges to help make this year a success during Covid restrictions, so please feel honoured to be asked to join us at this Covid Safe event.

We are excited to find a 2020 winner for this year’s Golden Bean and hopefully we will be back in 2021 with a full event schedule.

Thank you,

Sean Edwards
Head Bean

For any enquires please contact;
Tilly Edwards
0400 289 420