GBA Tip: Get your hands on some ADC Almond milk and start practising!

Golden Bean Sponsor, The Alternative Dairy Company (ADC) has announced that this year’s alternative milk category will be ‘Almond Milk’.

ADC has worked tirelessly to create one of the favourite Almond Milks in the café marketplace. The almond milk is part of the popular ADC range which includes Oat and Soy.

ADC Oat in a short period of two years has become Australia’s leading Oat Milk.

ADC is very proud of their range of Australian made alternative milks that have been designed for specialty coffee by some of the best minds in the industry. Almond Milk is now the most popular plant-based milk category in cafés globally, passing soy.

We are making it really easy to be a part of this year’s alternative Golden Bean category, all you have to do is contact our Golden Bean Team and we will post you out 2 x 1-litre cartons of ADC Almond so you can align your coffee with the milk in preparation for the competition.

A Golden Bean tip…

A little tip for the Alternative Milk category is to roast your coffee a little on the darker side and choose coffees with lower acidities in this section of the competition. It’s all about designing the coffee to suit the milk; fully understanding the complete process of plant-based technology and how coffee reacts differently with each type and brand of alternate milks.

The Alternative Dairy Co has a generous prize package for the winning roaster which includes media support, full range of products to use in your roastery café, merchandise, and a specially designed trophy.

The Alternative Dairy Co will be present at this year’s Golden Bean in Port Macquarie, sampling with their cool motorbike and sidecar coffee setup. They will also be a night sponsor of the ADC Golden Hoop competition where Golden Bean delegates get to make a coffee and shoot a hoop in a game of speed and skill. This fun competition is an extension of the skill we will see on the judging tables and will hopefully burn off caffeine overloads.

For more information and samples please contact

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