The Golden Bean is shaping up to be a great event with all systems go from the team at Café Culture.

We are expecting around 1000 coffee entries, so we are getting back to the old days pre-Covid. We are also anticipating around 100 roasters to attend to be part of the judging panels, assisting with helping find this year’s Golden Bean winners.

We have plenty of social events planned for each night so our Sponsors and Roasters can network.

It is amazing how a few bevies at the end of a hard day tasting allows for the business’s relationships to form. Lots of business gets done at this event and many friendships start. I have personally seen our industry grow from 100 roasters to nearly 2000 now.  I have also seen the Green Bean supply chain grow from two coffee brokers to over thirty green bean suppliers in the market today.

Looking at my original goal for Golden Bean it was about networking roasters and their supply chain.

We worked very hard in those early days, being the connection and sometimes the referee! As we all get back into full swing, I propose to all the coffee roaster supply chain who are sitting on the fence waiting, now is the time to book your support and come along and be part of the Golden Bean and the Green Bean zone trade day as it’s less than a month away.

The cost is ridiculously cheap, about a third of the cost of one pallet of coffee!

I hope those businesses can still remember when Café Culture introduced them to the market, so I don’t think it’s a big ask now for these businesses to support the roasters who each week place their orders, small or large, with them. Green Bean is the coffee roasters biggest cost and it’s nice for them to connect a face with their supplier, especially due to origin trips not having been available.  Making an appearance at this years’ Golden Bean to hangout as a supporting friend will help our industry prosper again.

I am very sorry to be so blunt, but we have also done the hard yards and it would be nice to receive the support now when we all need it. Golden Bean is back and we would love to see you again!


Please call Rob to book your support.

M. 0404 837 608


Head Bean – Sean Edwards

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