The Perfect Moose

Milk automation is the hottest topic for 2020.

When It comes to milk automation Perfect Moose is taking the industry by storm.

With nearly every major coffee chain looking to reduce wage costs and improve delivery service times, there is nothing else that can deliver the sort of efficiency gains provided by the Perfect Moose.

Post Covid, coffee chains and multi-site operators will be looking at how to run their profit centres in the black so investing in milk automation technology is already a proven gain.

With leading industry brands already seeing a reduction of up to 50% in wage costs, taking the next step in investing in this technology must then become a ‘not if’ but ‘when’ scenario for their businesses success and growth strategies.

In addition to the efficiency gains experienced with the Perfect Moose, baristas are delighted with the milk texture quality across both dairy and plant-based milks.

Cafes are now achieving consistent and high quality finished coffees across all staff members, with less emphasis on each barista’s skill and experience level.

Barista Technology now supplies over 50% of cafes in Australia with the Puqpress (Barista Technolgy’s Automatic Coffee Tamper) and predicts the Perfect Moose has the potential to gain a similar take-up rates due to smarter cafe operators looking at improving overall margins in the 20/21 financial year.

“When the bean counters understand the numbers we will see everyone in a win win scenario.” – Brett Bolwell of Barista Technology Australia.

Looking after your baristas and holding on to them is essential for retaining loyal customers. Introducing the right equipment will not only make that a reality but ensure your customers are delivered only the best product and service time and time again.

Take a look at this short video to see the Perfect Moose in action – delivering the perfect milk foam everytime!

The Perfect Moose in action

 So if you’ve been thinking about milk automation then call Brett or one of his team today to organise a demonstration in your state. Call today 1300 582 443

For more information on how you can implement automation into your cafe contact


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