Arkadia beverages reign supreme…

Last summer Cafe Culture ran “Hello Summer” a fun competition sponsored by Alternative Dairy Co. (ADC)

With $10,000 worth of prizes to be won thanks to ADC and Cafe Culture, the competition allowed the entrants to show their creativity with drink styling, pricing and overall taste.

The drinks were presented each week with a different ADC plant milk – oat, soy, and almond – as an upload to each entrants Instagram profile. The cold beverage could incorporate any complementing additive, apart from alcohol, and be indulgent or super healthy. Drinks could also be any desired consistency, smoothie-style bowls welcome.

Well known beverage company, Arkadia, won the competition. Their passion for creating beverages proving too hard to beat, among strong competition. 

Arkadia’s story

“At the heart of Arkadia lies the story of a family. It’s a story of passion, inspiration and above all, a driving vision to craft premium beverages that excite the senses. We like to think of every moment of indulgence as an ‘Arkadia moment’.

Born out of Melbourne’s famous café culture, our Arkadia story began in St Kilda in 1997 when Greg, Anna and their two sons Roman and Jack created a delicious drinking chocolate for their local café. Over the following years, that success led to the development of a wide range of drinking chocolates, chai teas, frappes and syrups that continue to win devoted fans in cafés, restaurants and homes around Australia and the world.

Even now that original vision still drives our Arkadia family. Our purpose-built manufacturing facilities and a dedication to continuous innovation and the development of new products has kept Arkadia at the forefront of modern café culture and built a name and a reputation synonymous with the feeling of relaxed indulgence.

Whatever your taste, we trust you’ll enjoy your Arkadia moment as much as we’ve enjoyed bringing it to you.

We are also extremely lucky to have a team of talented baristas, recipe developers and food technologists who are interested in seeking out the latest trends and innovations, inspiring them to create unusual (but delicious!) flavour pairings. There’s nothing better than letting their passion and creativity drive their recipe developments.

With the growth of plant-based beverages, there couldn’t have been a more perfect pairing than The Alternative Dairy Co’s alternative milks and our new Sticky Chai. The Soy Milk has such a great flavour and velvety mouthfeel that keeps you wanting more!

We’re also loving our Gingerbread Frappe. Featuring Arkadia Premium Gingerbread Syrup and our Vanilla Frappe powder mix – it features a creamy mouthfeel and aromatic spices, and is a unique addition to any drinks menu. Add a scoop of our signature Arkadia Chai powders for an extra punch of flavour. We like to mix and match it with different alternative milks to switch it up!

Beverages for all occasions

Arkadia has a huge range of powdered and liquid beverage bases which can be combined in any number of ways to create a hot and cold beverage menu suitable for any venue.

Complete your menu with Arkadia drinking chocolates, chai teas, frappes, syrups for hot and cold beverages, as well as our shakes, smoothies and sauces – you bring the coffee and Arkadia will bring the rest.

If you need assistance in developing your own unique beverage menu, Arkadia are happy to help find the right products for you.

Simply visit our website at for more information!”

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