Coronavirus Plan B

Positive Tips To Survive COVID-19 For Your Cafe Business

David Parnham has 35+ years of successful FMCG Business Management, Directorships, Media Services, Big Data - FoodService Focused Research & Development Reporting to assist hospitality and roasting businesses across three countries.  Currently David is...

Financial solutions for COVID 19

COVID 19 SOLUTIONS for employers or employees, subcontractors, casuals, and many others impacted. Sprague & Associates have been speaking with a number of clients who are employers or employees, subcontractors, casuals, and many others...
Coronavirus advice

Coronavirus information on event cancellations and support for business

Cafe Culture Digital quick links for information on common Coronanvirus questions This information is provided as a quick source for individuals and small business on up to date information and advice on the current Coronavirus...
Newbies in Cafe

When Cafe Dream Meets Cafe Reality

Newbies in the Cafe by Dr Judy Gregory – a book about Australia’s love affair with the independent cafe. The cafe dream is widespread and compelling: It’ll be like hosting a permanent coffee catch-up...
Turmeric Latte

Do you know how to prepare a Turmeric Latte

Directions: 15ml Alchemy Turmeric elixir into milk jug, add 180ml milk/plant milk then steam.Pour into latte glass and garnish with cinnamon or chilli flakes ALCHEMY'S ORIGINAL GOLDEN TURMERIC ELIXIR Golden Turmeric Elixir has such a brilliant...
cafes for sale

Looking to purchase or sell a cafe?

Cafe Culture Digital have partnered with Coastal Commercial & Business and Agents to provide a portal for Cafe owners looking to sell their business. "Coastal Commercial & Business and Agents offer a more effective model...
Macklemore and cold brew

Macklemore’s love for cold brew leads to summer job with Dutch Bros

As a huge fan of Cold Brew, with passion and creativity to boot, Macklemore, commonly known by his stage name Benjamin Hammond Haggerty, an American rapper and songwriter from Seattle, will be helping with...

Industry expected to lose hundreds of millions of dollars due to decline of tourism

Impact of Coronavirus and bushfires on Australian business With businesses only just starting to recover from the recent bushfire devastation the Corinavirus is now threatening the recovery of the Australian economy. The Coronavirus has...
Neighbour day

The Café Conversations Project – Cafés Creating Connections

How often do you have a café full of patrons, all sipping on their drinks alone, or with only the company of a mobile phone? It seems Australians are struggling to connect with one...
Bakers Maison Multi-grain seed loaf

Two new fully baked breads from French-style bakery manufacturer Bakers Maison

19 February 2020, Revesby – French-style bakery manufacturer Bakers Maison has introduced two new sliced breads – a Multigrain seed loaf and a German Rye loaf, that join the extensive Bakers Maison range. The new Multigrain...