Peak Coffee 2.0

In the recent month’s cafes/roasteries across Australia have been heavily affected by Covid-19 with most forced to shut their doors or at the least, change their business concepts.

However regional roastery Peak Coffee focused its time on renovating their Roastery Cafe by turning it into a place where the public can learn and experience the world of specialty coffee.

Peak Director Sean explains, “Our business dropped by 70% and instead of laying off our team we all decided it was time to put our efforts into building a new concept which would increase our retail focus. JobKeeper (thank you Government), allowed for this to happen and as an additional benefit, the team learned some new skills along the way”.

Peak Coffee has always aimed at educating the consumer on the origin of specialty coffee, but now it has taken one step further by implementing a brew bar where customers can try, taste and experience different origins of specialty coffee over a variety of different processing methods.

The business features a wall art of the coffee master Dr Ernesto Illy or also known as Mr Espresso, a widely respected figure in the coffee business, who was responsible for spearheading the research conducted by Illy on the quality of espresso and coffee.

He now sips on his espresso while the team at #PeakCoffee tell the story of coffee as well as educate the locals of Port Macquarie about their love of all things coffee and cafe.

As this cafe is also a roastery it has a consumer friendly roasting section where patrons can roast their own beans with help from Dr Ainsley, Peak Coffees’ Head Roaster.

Peak Coffee Founders, Sean and Kristine Edwards said the team has invested to create a place for the community to experience specialty coffee and where the business can expand.

“We utilised our time during Covid-19 to grow our future for the business.”

About Peak Coffee

Peak Coffee Australia in Port Macquarie, is the first coffee roasting business to be located on the Mid North Coast of New South Wales.

Armed with a cast iron traditional drum roaster, we roast for local, regional and interstate cafe owners and wholesale accounts.

Peak Coffee Australia invests time and experience through research and development into quality fresh coffee producing unique blends and, individual character within single origin roasts to expose the senses to a world of flavour profiles.

Wholesale and retail customers are blessed to have such passion, dedication and innovation behind ‘their’ product that keeps it at the forefront of an ever evolving industry.

Peak Coffee Australia’s continual growth is the result of hard work, foresight and quality. With new exciting products planned for the future, your experience into the truly global coffee culture starts at Peak Coffee Australia.

So don’t hesitate – come on in and experience the world of coffee on ‘your’ door step!