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The consumer demand for Plant Based options is no longer a trend it’s a major shift in diets that’s driving the change.

This is not to say that Vegan diets will dominate but that more and more people are identifying as flexitarian. In fact, on a global scale, 3 in 5 consumers are incorporating more plants ingredients in their diet.[i] To cater for this increase demand, the Art of Blend range of beverage powders now contain three plants based, vegan options.

Our Plant Based Frappe Blend is a creamy beverage powder which is naturally flavoured with a hint of vanilla. It pairs wonderfully with coffee and a wide range of flavours, making it a versatile base suitable for everyone.

The Art of Blend range also includes two Vegan Drinking Chocolates, both of which are also Gluten Free. 

The Art of Blend Classic Drinking Chocolate is a 15% Cocoa Blend suitable for hot, cold or iced drinks and most often used as dusting chocolate. This great value blend is perfect for espresso bars, cafes, restaurants or large food service providers.

Like our Decadent Drinking Chocolate, the Art of Blend Indulgent Drinking Chocolate is also suitable for hot, cold or iced drinks. A well balanced, gluten free and vegan blend with a 30% Cocoa content, this premium blend is perfect for creating decadent cold Chocolate drinks, especially when paired with our Frappe and Smoothie bases.

Here’s a great recipe for a Vegan Iced coffee, that will be easier and cheaper to prepare than using Plant Based milk and ice cream, simply add ice, water, frappe blend and coffee.

Vegan Iced Coffee

To a blender add 2 scoops (80g) of Plant Based Frappe beverage powder, ice, water and blend. Pour in double espresso shot in front of customer.

Mango Frappe

To a blender add 2 scoops (80g) of Plant Based Frappe beverage powder, 1/3 cup fresh or frozen mango, ice, water and blend.

If you would like to add Art of Blend beverage base to your range please email info@frostyboy.com or for more information or visit https://www.theartofblend.com.

[i] Innova Market Insights – May 2020