The Australian owned company has made a pledge to deliver protein to a growing population and design sustainable food solutions for the future.

Australian owned alternative protein start-up, All G Foods which launched in October 2020, is on a fast-track growth path as they challenge and dominate the flexitarian food movement in Australia. With science and technology at the centre of everything that they do, All G Foods, founded by entrepreneur Jan Pacas, has brought on a strong line-up of investors who are poising the company for an impressive future.

Chefs around Australia have embraced the newest player in the space through Love BUDS™, All G Food’s 100% plant-based product line. They’ve added unique creations to the menu as their customers welcome the flexitarian food movement. Matthew King, Group Executive Chef of the University of Sydney Union (BUDS newest venue partner), who owns and operates 13 food and beverage outlets on campus has added BUDS to the menu in a unique way.

“We use the mince across multiple outlets for our mapo tofu, vegan lasagne, chilli beef and many other dishes,” he says. “As a renowned university we have a lot of international students on campus with dietary requirements plus plant-based preferences becoming more common so it’s wonderful we can feed the demand with Love BUDS™ tasty protein alternatives.”

BUDS Mapo Tofu recipe

“It’s also great to have a product where the prices don’t continue to rise like the current meat & protein market. When you cook with this mince you don’t lose too much yield like normal meat mince either.”

With their first product launch well seeded into the cafe and on-premise market, Love BUDS™ burger patties and mince can now be found in over 500 cafes and restaurants around the country with this number continuing to grow. Qudos Bank Arena food service is also a new partner which was implemented as part of a sponsorship deal with the Sydney Kings Basketball Team.

Over the next 12 months, in addition to burgers and mince, the Love BUDS™ range will extend to sausages, chicken and bacon. Alongside this, chefs will bring their creative game to life and find new and unique ways to deliver animal-free alternatives
to their menus.

Love Buds plant based burgers

Outside of the plant-based space, All G Foods believes it will be the first Australian company using a foundational technology called precision fermentation to develop dairy proteins that can be included in milk and other “cow-free” dairy products.

It is also using this technology to enhance its plant-based meat ranges. The technology is expected to revolutionise the meat and dairy industry and All G Foods plans to be at the forefront of this movement.

The Precision Fermentation & Dairy vertical is headed up by Dr Jared Raynes who is believed to be the first globally to crack the scientific challenge of assembling a casein micelle from proteins made with precision fermentation.

This breakthrough paves the way to replicating the delicious, but difficult protein structure of traditional milk and other dairy products. Jared has investigated this ground-breaking challenge for over 8 years and is now driving this commercially.

“Milk contains hundreds of proteins but at the heart of it are six key. Once we have fermented the individual proteins, we can reassemble them into casein micelles or purify and dry key singular proteins for multiple applications, just how it is done in the dairy industry now. We are able to create these delicious, bioavailable protein sources, all without the need for cows,” Jared explains.

Last year, Australia did not need to sign up for the global methane pledge (joined by China, Russia, India and Iran) when more than 100 nations have signed a joint US pledge to collectively reduce global methane emissions at least 30% below 2020 levels by 2030.

It is imperative for Australia to build a regional leadership in precision fermented dairy and other animal proteins. This allows the innovation of alternative proteins being used to offset animal agriculture in a variety of ways and ensure Australian farmers and workers benefit from this growing demand, especially from Asia-Pacific.

Estimates show that dairy proteins through precision fermentation technology produce between 85-97 per cent less greenhouse gas emissions than proteins produced by cows1 . Other than being a lot kinder to the planet and its animals, precision fermentation creates a dairy protein that comes loaded up with all the nutritional goodness naturally found in animal-produced dairy.

Precision fermentation is quickly gaining a reputation as the food industry’s next big thing and was reported by the Good Food Institute to have attracted US$435 million in investment capital in 2020 alone. 

Plant-based and precision fermentation research and development takes place at All G Food’s newly opened state-of-the-art labs within their Innovation Centre in Waterloo, Sydney. The team of unparalleled global scientists test new technologies to design future-minded products and enhance existing lines to ensure All G is always at the forefront of innovation.

The future is looking bright for All G Foods and customers, from cafes to end consumers. With new products poised for launch later this year, the company continues to innovate and grow, driving an Australian owned alternative protein market.

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