Image: Jan Pacas, All G Foods Founder & CEO


We’re feeling All G. Why?

Our founder, Jan Pacas and plant-based food company, All G Foods has scored one of Australia’s largest seed funding rounds.

Here comes delicious

Love BUDS Patties are making a beeline for your menu this summer as well as hitting shelves at selected IGA’s at the end of the month. As champions of alternative proteins, we’re playing a big part in reducing food-related emissions, with the goal to go global.

Plant-based options can help feed growing populations here and around the world while relieving strain on the environment. Right now, alternative proteins make up 1 percent of the market. In 20-30 years, it’ll be more like 40 percent.

Meat in the middle

We’re the new protein on the block. Made from plants, our goodness is in the combo of our natural ingredients, mixed to out-yum real meat. The only things missing are the hormones, antibiotics and cholesterol-causing fats.

So what makes us sizzle? Satisfying your (and our) primal urge to smash juicy flame-grilled meaty-feasts full of scrumptious texture and unbelievable taste.

But like you, we’re curious, conscious carnivores, and we like options.

BUDS burger patties are your all-good flexo-feast and keep an eye out for our mince and sausages coming soon. Choose healthy and sustainable without compromising on flavour.

Meat with friends

From lunch to dinner, Love BUDS 125g juicy burger pattie’s and our ‘lighter way to burger’ BUDS Jnr 40g sliders have you covered. An instinctive and juicy source of joy, we bring the positive food movement to your venue’s social eat-out vibes; all good for everyone and everything.

Does it get any better? Sure does – enjoy healthier, tastier meat and step up your plant-based menu game with our mince and sausages coming soon, creating scrumptious spag-bol, tacos and sausage sizzles.

Still hungry?

So are we. As our next course, we’re investing in precision fermentation: technology that enables the programming of microorganisms to produce complex organic molecules like protein. With this process, we’re developing the future of milk: cow-free.

Once we’ve mastered our milk, we’ll move on to cow-free cheese, yoghurt and other dairy products.

Until then, see you in the meat aisle or chat to us to ask for a sample. We want to help make sure your summer menu sizzles this season.

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