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When approached by a major customer to develop quiches for them in 2020, we did not hesitate to give it a crack. While outside our tradition of sweet creations, there was enough synergy to make it a harmonious extension to our product range.

The product we developed was so well received that we decided to extend the Priestley’s Gourmet Delights range to include vegie creations for the wider foodservice market. Cafes, restaurants, convenience, and eateries can now enjoy two delicious quiches from Priestley’s in flavour varieties chosen for their popularity. We have a Spinach & Ricotta and a Pumpkin & Chive quiche. Supplied frozen, they can be heated to serve in minutes, to help minimise waste.

At a great size and price, the individual quiches work well as a quick snack on the go, or as a part of a plated meal with sides. They come backed with the Priestley’s quality, reliability, and assurance of deliciousness.

Contact us to arrange an introduction to the latest delightful creations from Priestley’s.

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