You have to try Alchemy’s plant based sauces!

This is your opportunity to create something saucy…from vegan hot chocolates to caramel lattes, drink etchings, mochas, iced chocolate drinks & shakes.

Alchemy has developed a range of premium, dairy free sauces. Chocolate, Caramel and White Chocolate.


Like all Alchemy products, they are plant based. They can be used to make hot chocolates (vegan hot chocolates when steamed with plant milk), white hot chocolates, mochas, milkshakes and also used as drizzle sauces both on hot or cold drinks or food and desserts.

Being a liquid base, there is no mixing of powders to make smooth non gritty hot chocolates, and with the 30 ml pump, making a hot chocolate is as easy as one pump of sauce into 200 ml of milk or plant milk, then steaming them together.

To make these products dairy free, we swapped out milk fats and milk solids with healthy coconut oil and MCT oil which is better for you, naturally.

Check out these delectable recipes

Vegan Hot chocolate.
Into a milk jug, combine…
30 ml (1 pump) dairy free Sauce
200 ml Plant milk.
Steam together.
Pour into cup, drizzle Dairy free sauce on top
30 ml espresso.
15 ml dairy free chocolate sauce (1/2 pump).
180 ml milk (or plant milk for vegan Mocha).
Try etching on top by drizzling sauce and making patterns with skewer.
Caramel White hot Chocolate.
Into a milk jug, combine;
30 ml dairy free White chocolate sauce.
200 ml milk (or plant milk for vegan option).
Steam together.
Pour into cup.
Add whipped cream to top of drink.
Drizzle Dairy free caramel sauce to top of cream.

Try these recipes today with this exclusive offer

Your exclusive offer from Alchemy:

Alchemy are offering Cafe Culture Magazine readers an exclusive opportunity for Australian cafes.

This is your opportunity to make high margin, high quality take away hot chocolates, vegan hot chocolates and mochas.

For just $50 (plus shipping) this limited time opportunity includes:
               2 x 2L Dairy free Chocolate sauces ($20 each RRP)
               1 x 2L Dairy free Caramel sauce ($20 each RRP)
               1 x 2L Dairy free White Chocolate sauce ($20 each RRP)
               3 x 30ml syrup pumps ($5 each RRP)

Total value $95 plus freight ($15 minimum)

Note this kit converts to $1066* worth of hot or cold drinks.
*(264 x $4, as a minimum, however with Vegan hot chocolates selling for $5-6, that figure rises significantly)

Use the link here to redeem this offer > Alchemy Offer

For more information email or visit

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