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Sign In is a simple to use, secure solution to record visitors’ contact details.

COVID-19 Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a devastating effect on the community and the economy.

Governments and the broader community want restrictions on all services and work places to ease, but health authorities need to strike a balance when it comes to public health outcomes.

A critical health concern is the tracing of known contacts of any newly discovered infection or cluster.

Registering visitors’ contact details is essential for efficient contact tracing. 

Sign In provides a very simple user interface to record minimal contact details for future tracing.

Sign In has a powerful search capacity to quickly identify known contacts of an infected person.

Touchless app 

Ensuring facilities and workplaces are COVID-19 safe is critical, so collecting staff and visitor contact details must be touchless.

Visitors can scan the location’s unique QR code via the camera on their smart phone. It’s quick, simple and safe.

Staff/officials can also quickly and easily enter visitors’ contact details into the Sign In system.

Data Privacy

Only minimal contact details need to be provided by visitors to enable swift contact tracing.

GPS data is NOT captured and all data resides in secured data centres located in Sydney, Australia.

All Australian internet privacy protocols are strictly adhered to and no data is provided to any 3rd party companies or organisations under any circumstances.

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