Sunny Queen hard boiled eggs

Egg-stending its chilled product offering for foodservice, Sunny Queen Australia, known for its expertise in shell eggs and delivering innovative egg solutions, is egg-cited to add Peeled Hard Boiled Eggs to its product range.

“We are committed to continually diversifying our portfolio by investing in new state-of-the-art technology and equipment to ensure our Meal Solutions Range continues to be highly innovative and category leading, which offers our customers convenient, easy-to-prepare, quick, healthy and tasty products,” said Sunny Queen Australia CEO, Julie Proctor.

“We are egg-cited to bring our Peeled Hard Boiled Eggs offering to the market and help our customers provide nutritious and tasty food to their end consumers. Peeled Hard Boiled Eggs are so versatile and will always find a place in your kitchen, from slicing them in a sandwich, dicing them on top of a salad, cutting them in wedges for a tasty niçoise salad, or mixing them with mayo. This latest product launch is another example of our commitment to finding time-saving solutions for our customers, and helping them improve operational efficiencies in their kitchen,” said Sunny Queen’s General Manager Marketing and Innovation, Isabelle Dench.

Available in a 2.5 kilogram pack, containing an average of 50 eggs per pack, Sunny Queen’s R&D team has designed the packaging to be a first-in-class for the sector with a perforation that allows the pack to be split into two trays helping to keep eggs fresh, reduce waste and offer easier storage.

With a shelf life of 28 days, foodservice providers can feel good knowing Sunny Queen’s Peeled Hard Boiled Eggs are perfectly cooked, peeled and ready to be used.

Some key features of Sunny Queen’s Peeled Hard Boiled Eggs offering include:

  • Perfectly positioned yolks – using innovative equipment, the yolk of the egg is positioned in the centre of the egg, which benefits customers who use sliced or wedge cut eggs in their menu offering.  
  • Sunny Queen’s Peeled Hard Boiled Eggs come in unique, convenient trays with perforation – the 2.5 kilogram pack (containing an average of 50 eggs) comes perforated in the middle allowing the pack to be split in two, with an average of 25 eggs per side to preserve the freshness of the eggs. Just open one side at a time and use what you need.
  • A convenient tray that protects the eggs, and is easy to use in the kitchen – stable and compact.

Sunny Queen’s new Peeled Hard Boiled Eggs are the latest in its growing, egg-ceptional foodservice offering, which also includes tasty Crustless Quiches, delicious French Toast, a range of flavours of Fritters, Omelettes, Egg Bites and much more.

For more information, contact us directly at or call us on 1300 780 055.

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