sweet nectar dessert

The story goes like this: it was around 2013 when Jessie says she had a really strong passion for baking and love of sweets yet being health conscious meant she wasn’t enjoying the products of her efforts.

This led to trialling different recipes of ‘healthy low sugar’ desserts, but the results were always very disappointing and bland, so began some experimenting with alternative flours and nut butters to create her own healthy sweets. 

It became such an obsession, and Jessie was producing so many goodies it became necessary to offload, the local gym members would often be treated with cakes, slices and protein balls and the feedback was great!

After a couple of months, it became clear this was more than just a hobby, with order requests frequently having to be turned down. Yet, Jessie genuinely enjoyed feeding people something delicious that was also nutrient dense. 

So from humble beginnings in the family kitchen 6 years ago, please let Café Culture have the absolute sweet pleasure of presenting you to Sweet Nectar, whose products are vegan, gluten free and refined sugar free. 

Jessie still finds it hard to believe she gets paid for doing something she loves so much, and that people will actually travel to specific cafes in order to buy Sweet Nectars products.

Their social media presence was instrumental in their growth, and along with the help of a full management and production team, Sweet Nectar are now an industry leader in this field of desserts, supplying Australia wide.

There are several reasons people are increasingly looking into vegan choices and plant-based diets, the main three are concerns for animal welfare, the environment and healthy living.

It’s more than being just a cool, hipster phase for most and it shows no sign of slowing down. #vegan has more than 87 million posts listed on Instagram and the number of Google searches worldwide has also spiked in recent years.

We don’t have to look back too far to remember cafes without a vegan option on the menu! These days, you might think it quite strange for cafes not to have at least one vegan alternative.

Crafted from whole foods, Sweet Nectar opt for nutrient dense nuts, cacao, coconut and fruit when creating rich and decadent raw slices, delicious protein balls and fluffy baked cakes.

We can testify at Café Culture that Sweet Nectar’s desserts are fantastically unique and equally tasty. 

Jessie explains that “Producing desserts from whole food vegan ingredients is a completely new ball game in itself, you’re not walking in the shoes of bakers before you, these are entirely new processes and the ways the ingredients work together couldn’t be more different from flour and butter! This has unfortunately led to quite a few bland products hitting the shelves and spoiling the reputation for vegan desserts. We’ve dedicated years of research and recipe development to our range and thankfully the results speak for themselves, not only are our products visually appealing but our customers enjoy a burst of flavour within each bite whether from fresh zingy lemons, sweet raspberries or our signature raw chocolate.”

Sweet Nectar has built a loyal following after consumers began to discover a healthy dessert they could actually enjoy, one that didn’t compromise on taste. The business has been built on the strongest of foundations, by word of mouth and consistency. 

The huge benefit for cafe owners now offering Sweet Nectars’ products, aside from servicing the rapidly growing vegan clientele, is that they are now able to offer a treat to the health conscious customer who otherwise had no plans of adding a brownie to their coffee order, but when they eye off the whole food sweets they can’t resist!

Crumble Slice – A Sweet Nectar favourite

Not sure where to start? Jessie can recommend the Caramel Crumble slice with its winning combination of caramel fudge, creamy raw chocolate and the delicious crunch from the sweet and slightly salty crumble topping. 

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