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Last week Cafe Culture had the pleasure of introducing the Australian cafe industry to an exciting wholesale distribution business, aptly named “The Cafe Supplier”. I always appreciate a business or brand that does exactly as it says on the tin! 

Offering a one-stop-shop distribution model for independent cafés. Specialising in café brands and products at great (transparent) pricing. A business that understands the demand of running a café and doesn’t discriminate.

Take a look at some of The Cafe Supplier’s fabulous products at equally fabulous prices:

Bondi Chai from $39/kilo at The Café Supplier

  • Bondi Chai Ginger and Spice is the spicier of the Cinnamon Chai.
  • It’s a delicious blend of black tea, honey, spices and bitey ginger that when added to hot water or milk creates a frothy chai latte that’s a perfect addition to your day. 

Arkadia Chai From $14.41/kg at The Café Supplier

  • Arcadia’s Vanilla or Spice Chai Tea Latte is available as a versatile powder, that can be used for hot and cold beverages, made up of black tea and a blend of secret spices.
  • A chai powder that is free from artificial colours, flavours and preservatives and is available in a variety of sizes and flavours. 

Alternative Dairy Milks From $3.50/L at The Café Supplier (All Varieties)

  • The Alternative Dairy Co. Barista Oat Milk provides a great alternative to dairy milk, and is perfect for for creating deliciously creamy coffee and hot drinks.
  • Specially blended for cafes and baristas, it’s made for easy pouring and creates a silky foam with ease.
  • Tastes great hot and cold, made from Australian grown oats, is vegan friendly and GMO Free. Almond & Soy available in the ADC range.

 Mount K House Blend – From $14.95/Kg – Everyday at The Cafe Supplier

  • Our Mount K. signature blend consists of beans from Columbia, Brazil, Ethiopia and India.
  • The smooth and delicate profile of this espresso allows you to savour the taste of the different flavours that each bean brings to the blend.
  • It has the perfect balance of mild acidity, a silky mouthfeel and a caramelly coco finish. 

TCS Cappuccino Chocolate From $7.50/kilo at The Café Supplier

  • TCS Cappuccino Chocolate powder is a super fine cocoa blend perfect for creating a delicious hot chocolate when mixing 3 teaspoons with 285ml of boiling water or frothed milk.
  • Dust over the top of your chocolate creation for that extra special touch.

For more great products visit

Price Match Guarantee

The Café Suppliers are so confident that we offer the lowest price that if you find an identical stocked item at a lower price with any of our competitors, we will beat it by 10%!

All you have to do is record the higher priced item, through a screenshot or link to the webpage you’ve found it on, and email it to us at We will then approve the price and get it ready for you to purchase! 


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