The Packaging Peoples’ Cylinder Packaging

A great alternative to traditional packaging choices.

The 3 Piece cylinder provides an impressive packaging solution that will make your products stand out on the shelf.

  • Made from a strong kraft material with a food grade foil lining.
  • Available in multiple colours and three different sizes – Small, Medium and Large. 

Why Choose Cylinder Packaging?

Advantages of Cylinder tubes:

1. Environmental benefits

Paper-based materials are environmentally-friendly. They are taken from nature and can be naturally degraded after being discarded without causing harm to the environment.

2. Customized printing

Cylindrical packaging enables the opportunity for rich design and appearance to attract customers’ attention, and to promote your brand.

3. Versatility for packaging various products

Cylindrical packaging is suitable for a variety of your cafe and coffee products.

4. Lightweight but durable

Cylindrical packages are lightweight and easy to handle, strong, durable, and transports well.

Pair your packaging cylinders with The Packaging Peoples’ new Bio Liners.

The Packaging Peoples’ Bio Liners are Perfect for coffee, tea, spices, protein, salts, scrubs, herbs, baking goods and many other products.

Created from a new to the market material known as d2w, an oxo -biodegradable polymer resin that is incorporated within the packaging itself, enabling the packaging to degrade quicker than a standard foil lined bag. The shelf life of these bags is approximately 18 months, and are available in 3 sizes – Small, Medium and Large. 

When correctly disposed of after use the bags will begin to break down within 3 months. The balance of the bag will turn to BioMass within 2-3 years of correct composting thus creating a bag that degrades some 15-20 years faster than a standard bag.

The Bio-Liners are approved to be home compostable. They can also be taken to an Industrial compost facility and be disposed of in an eco-friendly way.


Personalise your cylinder packaging with custom printing

The Packaging People have created thousands of personalised custom tubes for some of Australia’s most well-respected companies.

These companies have trusted The Packaging People to deliver the highest quality customised product on the market.

When it comes to personalised cardboard tubes you can print up to 6 different variants of your chosen product.

You have the ability to print as many colours on your personalised tubes without the need to pay for additional set up costs.

With unlimited sizing options and a range of different materials and looks to be had, these personalised tubes are a game changer when it comes to packaging solutions.

Personalised cardboard tubes are the perfect option for individuals and businesses alike to ensure your products are packaged in a unique vessel that will stand out from the pack on shelves across Australia and the world.

Perfectly sturdy, and strong, the personalised cardboard tubes are the newest and most prominent option available in the packaging world.

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