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Cafes that switch to teaesk have seen an increase upwards of 30% in tea sales


For most cafe owners, tea is an afterthought, coffee owns the stage. However, South Coast-based teaesk is changing the narrative — helping cafes fall in love with tea, and helping their customers explore it in new ways. 

“Winning the hearts and minds of cafe owners and their customers over to tea, all comes down to what we do differently. We invest into our cafe partners and obsess about their customer’s experience,” says Melissa Di Marco, founder and certified tea master at teaesk. The attention pays off, with some cafes reporting a lift in tea sales by 30% when switching over.

Royal Earl Tea

The kind of investment teaesk puts into their cafe partners is something expected from coffee suppliers but new for tea. Melissa personally conducts in-person or virtual Brewmaster training for baristas and staff to not only learn how to brew the perfect cup of tea but also allows them to taste and understand each tea and its origin or creation story. “The better they can understand it, the better they can appreciate it, the better they can talk about it and sell it,” explains Melissa. The experience is further enriched with tea serving cards, tasting notes, and other complimentary collateral for the customer to interact with. 

“We love teaesk. Their ongoing training has helped us and our staff really showcase the tea and understand it in a way we never would have before, and they’re constantly bringing us new products to try. They feel more like a partner than just a supplier.”  – Alice Whitlam, Co-Owner of Blackbird Cafe, Thirroul, NSW

Vanilla Chai

Beyond the tea serving experience, teaesk also has a bundle of other little differences which are having a big impact, like their location exclusivity policy where they won’t sell tea to cafes near each other, and how they promote their stockists through social channels.

Teaesk’s award-winning, honest, ‘no nasties’, farmer-friendly tea blends are made to be explored. Their blends are a reflection of life experiences and each blend has a unique story to tell. 

Born out of a disdain for chemically flavoured tea and a passion for an honest cup, teaesk was founded by Australian Certified Tea Master, Melissa (Escribano) Di Marco in 2015. Teaesk is now an award-winning tea company, serving thousands of people cups of tea every week through their 25+ cafes and luxury accommodation partners. 

To find out more or request a free ‘sample & stockist’ pack contact partners@teaesk.com.au or visit https://www.teaesk.com.au or follow on Instagram at https://www.instagram.com/teaesk/

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