The Roaster Guy

Meet The Roaster Guy.

He represents the journey that we at Nestlé Professional went on to bring you the best coffee on the planet. Because we are all different and have all been on different journeys, it seemed only right that The Roaster Guy’s blends and Single Origin are diverse in nature:

Merchant’s Vice

Everywhere we went we realised that all of us are trading something, negotiating and even socializing. So we wanted to create a coffee for the times that you mean business. Merchant’s Vice will keep you focused, relaxed and in the moment. With low acidity and juicy burnt caramel notes, it creates a multi-sensory experience. Merchants sold us the beans in Brazil, Colombia and India.

Traveller’s Pick

Every guest in a hotel is travelling to or from somewhere. Even local customers, foot traffic or regulars will be travelling somewhere. Straight up black it has a light body with smooth lingering smoky notes. A hint of fruit and malt balances the acidity. Our beans were picked from Brazil, India and Papua New Guinea.

Wanderer’s Brew

Wanderers were the original early adopters – they went out into the world and brought back new things for the rest of us to try. This blend is created specifically for the sophisticated palate of the wanderer. This roast is light on the palate, soft with a mild, lovely aftertaste. The beans in here wandered back from Brazil, Colombia, India and Tanzania. 

We didn’t want to just create good coffee: we wanted to create coffee that also did some good.  So we are working towards buying all our coffee for our three The Roaster Guy blends from Rainforest Alliance Certified™ Farms by 2023. So far we have converted 35% of the beans in our three The Roaster Guy blends to Rainforest Alliance Certified ™Beans.

So if you’re after coffee that is well-travelled and well-meaning, contact us on, visit or follow us on Instagram (@theroasterguy).