How we started

Sean Edwards has been heavily involved in the cafe and coffee industry for over 25 years having owned numerous cafes and coffee roasting businesses. Sean created events like Cafe Biz and The Golden Bean, designing educational streams within the coffee/cafe sector. His company is global and he consults to industry via offices in Australia, North America and China. Cafe Culture International is the mothership media company behind the events, competitions and industry consulting.

Sean believes Cafe Culture International as a media business has set the foundation for the smart coffee and cafe culture we have today by having the first dedicated national cafe publication which helped spread the growth of a quality cafe food and beverage model. The rest of the world still looks to Australia for innovation and Cafe Culture is still currently involved behind the scenes with the pioneers of change.

Sean treats his passion for the industry like a hobby and every work day for him is full of exciting discovery and a chance to network with the people who make our industry move forward.

Cafe Culture Digital constantly adapts to provide contemporary and trendy content and design, ensuring a loyal readership and long-term success. While we serve as the go-to platform for the cafe industry, our online presence is just the beginning. Cafe Culture Digital is a comprehensive media and communications company that offers a wide range of professional services.

Social Engagement:
We actively connect with our targeted audience in real-time through multiple social media channels.

Digital and Media:
Take advantage of our advertising opportunities to reach a wider audience and enhance your brand visibility.

Benefit from our events and gain international exposure, allowing you to expand your reach and create valuable connections. Sponsorship availability.

Tap into our extensive experience and expertise to develop and grow your cafe business.

Supplier Directory:
Our comprehensive directory serves as the go-to resource for cafe owners, franchisees, and chain stores, helping you find the information you need quickly and efficiently.

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The Team

Sean Edwards

Director / Leading Consultant


Kristine Edwards



Bec Montgomery

Sales/Marketing Consultant


Beth Lowth

Senior Graphic Designer


Kathryn Kraska

Copy Editor/Database Manager