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We are dedicated to supplying the cafe industry with the tools for their small businesses in an ever-evolving world.

We have done the ground-work gathering all the must-haves in one place for your business to thrive.


Alchemy Cordials

We want our beverages to be ‘love at first sip’. So, for 25 years the Alchemy brand has been transforming refreshments through our dedication and obsession with flavour.

Alchemy makes consumers lives easier with our versatile, easy to make beverages. Use your imagination – hot, cold, plant-based or dairy milk, put a shot of Turmeric into a smoothie or Matcha into a juice – you can transform your beverages into superfood boosted versions of their former selves!

All our products are plant-based and are gluten, dairy and allergen free. We use no artificial colours or flavours. And we never will.


AMC Roaster Supply

The AMC Roastery Supply Group is a division of Appliance Maintenance Company Pty Ltd. A third generation family owned business, we have for over 60 years supplied quality commercial coffee roasting, packing, grinding and brewing equipment to coffee professionals throughout Australia, New Zealand and the South Pacific.


Castaway Packaging

Over the past 35 years Castaway® products have been at the forefront of innovation for the foodservice industry. The core value of all Castaway® products is innovation, and the desire to create true value for our customers. This remains the cornerstone of the Castaway® range as new product development and continual product improvement are at the heart of our business.



Good for the beans, good for the planet. Roastar Coffee Packaging products will lead the way in developing and providing sustainable solutions for everything coffee in Australia and New Zealand. Headquartered in Brisbane, with a distribution network across Australasia, Roastar was born to disrupt the coffee industry – sustainably! Local manufacture not only supports jobs and the economy but reduces risk, while an in-house design and production team means shorter turnaround times and a true partner for coffee businesses.

Roastar’s flagship products include the most sustainable single-use coffee cup available – The Good Cup and the first, high-barrier, APCO-approved coffee bag.

With its unique, innovative integrated lid design, The Good Cup will help Roastar customers say goodbye to plastic lids for Good. Because no lids are required, switching to The Good Cup means a 40% reduction on storage space, transport volume and carbon footprint. Removing lids, dual-fill cups and the option to do away with straws will reduce SKU’s. This means lower costs and a healthier planet.

Roastar’s BeanShield technology will challenge the coffee packaging status quo! This locally-made, kerbside recyclable coffee bag will honour roasters’ devotion to better and more consistent taste – promising to maintain flavour and preserve shelf life. Roastar’s patented label vent offers a 96% reduction in plastic over the traditional valve while consumers don’t have to remove it before recycling the bag in their usual streams.


The Coffee Commune

Welcome to the Coffee Commune, a network of like-minded people in the coffee industry focused on three outcomes:

  1. Increasing the buying power of our members

  2. Finding smarter ways to acquire the skills the industry needs

  3. Facilitating new and innovative solutions to keep the industry sustainable and strong

Founded by Phillip Di Bella and headquartered in Brisbane, The Coffee Commune is a select group of aligned industry partners, working collaboratively with our membership body of café and restaurant owners, baristas and roasters, and coffee enthusiasts, who all share the same passion for a strong, vital hospitality industry. Our strategy is simple: Build a powerful network of passionate members to give the industry the buying power necessary to stay viable in a tough market. Ensure the network is made up of clever, innovative people who think outside the square and are prepared to share their ideas for the prosperity of other members. Combine the knowledge, expertise and skills of the network, with carefully structured training programs.