Come on! $4.00 tea bag in a takeaway paper cup just won’t cut it anymore. Prepare yourselves, we are now entering the new Café Normal.

Article By David Parnham – Tmenu & Café Culture Research Director 

Now we have moved beyond Covid 19 restrictions and are, as a major hospitality industry, returning to dine in full service, and enjoying re-opening our amazing venues to the wider public. Takeaway is dipping and the return of the sit down and socialise cafe, restaurant and bar experience is increasing at a rate.

For many loyal and regular customers who have been patiently awaiting the “All Clear”, the lifting of our Covid 19 trade restrictions and the seemingly endless lockdowns is a blissful relief! There is now freedom in many states, and we are seeing a new normal emerge.

Dine in, or sit-down consumers are expecting greatness in your venue – not as has been expected and accepted over the past 18 months of takeaway with reduced menu options, all at low staffing services, with chairs upside down upon tables and service areas roped off for no public access.

Hospitality businesses that don’t reboot/adapt/return quickly to full service, with exciting menu options and skilled staffing levels to match, will simply be left behind in the new normal. Consumer is KING and they will now seek to vote via their wallet.

Based on this point, full menu beverage options need a spring/summer refresh.  Please be different, please use bespoke barista-made wherever possible. Remember to recreate the Fifth Wave of cafe coffee & tea that is quality and service.

Takeaway has cost our local environment and added so much to landfill, not to mention the additional costs of packaging vs. dine in crockery and/or reusable cup programs.

Seek a point of difference to the other hospitality businesses in your local area. Coffee beverages, in most Australian businesses that have survived Covid 19, for the most part, have maintained their high service and quality levels.

However, for many, we are seeing that TEA takeaway service between $3-$4.00 per tea bag brewed in a paper cup, remains. The point is that the tea lover knows the FoodService maths of the true cost of a tea bag in a paper cup is under $0.50 cents to make at home or in the office.

What these same Tea Lovers will now crave is the return of the full service dine in social experience. Now more than ever before they seek luxury in a cup. Specialty tea perfectly brewed, and they are willing to pay for this new tea experience!

Will your hospitality business match your coffee perfection standard for the tea lovers that cross your business door? If not, you will need assistance.  Please consider our past Tea Blogs on as we have professional tips to PROFIT FROM TEA.

TMenu was created during the Covid 19 global pandemic by tea professionals to assist the Australian Hospitality industry shift their focus to full-service tea beverage options, which can make additional sales and profit for like-minded businesses wishing to have a ONE-stop service for specialty tea and superb commercial strength Teaware to match any venue placement.

As tea lovers demand the ultimate social table service, Tmenu will make this simple, we educate, we share brewing guides and make your dine-in tea order a real Tea Lovers experience. With a lower cost of equipment and reduced cost of goods than any other coffee equipment investment for your weekly returns. 

Teaware that truly makes sense, lasts in dishwashers and delivers quick profit turnover within the first few weeks, not months, unlike most serviced Out Of Home coffee beverage set up investments.

For all the right profit reasons Post Covid Pandemic, NOW truly is the time to turn on your full-service tea menu options to ‘wow’ your valued dine-in customers.  Contact us today, email or website





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